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Redoing wonky plasterboard walls - good or bad idea?

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mackerella Mon 06-Nov-17 07:11:59

Has anyone had any experience of ripping our and redoing a plasterboard wall - and if so, how did it go?

We're near the end of a partial garage conversion, which involved knocking through our dining room into the garage and putting bifold doors into the new opening. Unfortunately, the plasterers have attached the boards crooked, so the reveal in the new opening is at an angle and not completely perpendicular with the door. It wasn't so obvious at first, but as soon as the skirting boards went in, the crooked walls really jumped out. I'm worried that it will look venue worse once the floor is down, as the floorboards won't be parallel with the walls.

I pointed this out to our builder, who agreed that it wasn't very good, and said he'd get the plasterers back in to rectify it. But now I'm really worried that ripping out the crooked plasterboard will create more mess and wreck the bifold doors (the frame is now partially plastered in place). And I've got my doubts about the competence of the plasterers to fix this, especially as they claimed that they couldn't see anything wrong.

So... WWYD? Rip out the boards and do it again (with the risk if damage to the door frame and the possibility that it won't look any better at the end)? Or learn to live with it?

lalalonglegs Mon 06-Nov-17 08:31:41

If the builder has agreed that the walls need redoing, then they must be really bad - ime, most builders will try to brazen it out - so I'd have them redone, although establish first that you won't be paying for this. The doors shouldn't be damaged, they'll just chisel around the frame. Make sure that the builder is supervising when the plasterers come back in order to ensure the job is done to a reasonable standard.

mackerella Mon 06-Nov-17 10:01:09

Thanks for the reassurance, lala - I've just been getting cold feet. The builder didn't put up any sort of a fight at all - he reckoned the wall was about 20mm out, which is quite a lot on a rebate that's only 200mm deep! So, yes, they're quite wonky and it will drive me mad every time I look at them, but I'm also worried that they won't be able to chop out the wonky plasterboard and replace it without there being an obvious join (which would also drive me mad...) Plus, we're really sick of the building work now, so it's tempting to just leave it, especially as we had decorators booked for Wednesday. The decorators can't do the room if there's fresh plaster, obviously, but they've also said they can't do it in two bits, as the paint join would be too obvious. So it would mean delaying that, too. Not the end of the world, but I'd hoped to get it decorated before the floors go in next week...

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