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Mumsnet wisdom please - to paper or not?

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Stressyseller Wed 01-Nov-17 19:15:47

We are going to market our detached 4 bed Victorian house soon and just doing a bit of sorting out before we do.

House landing and hall is north facing with very limited natural light and narrow and high ceilings. Walls are a bit bumpy and lumpy but has a nice period feel.

This area has always been wallpapered and because of the colours of other elements we can't change including open plan areas adjacent any new paper would need to be either very neutral (linen/beige) or neutral plus gold.

Decorator is saying he would go for a nice neutral period type chalky white rather than wallpaper again as this will be fresher and more neutral. He also thinks the finish will look better.

This is what we had in mind to put on:


Bluntness100 Wed 01-Nov-17 19:21:06

I’m a little in love with wallpaper at the moment, and I live in a period property but I’m sorry I wouldn’t put that on any of my walls, it’s very old fashioned, as in a bit seventies, and if I bought a house with it, I’d paint over it.

I think the decorator is right.

LadyPenelopeCantDance Wed 01-Nov-17 19:23:40

I think the decorator is right. A neutral and easy to decorate property I can put my stamp on would be much more appealing to me a buyer, particularly as the paper you have chosen will not be to everyone’s taste.

helpmum2003 Wed 01-Nov-17 19:26:18

Definitely paint. I think that pattern may not flatter a dark narrowish area.

Ttbb Wed 01-Nov-17 19:26:31

Definitely pain. Beige is horrible and so is wallpaper.

Stressyseller Wed 01-Nov-17 19:30:57

I think you are all right. We've put a bit up and oddly doesn't look 70s on oddly, it looks old fashioned period townhouse and a bit roger Oates runner-esque

Lille stuff not exactly to my taste either and I can't explain the other colour elements as it's too complex but leaves very little choice.

So paint maybe then?

Stressyseller Wed 01-Nov-17 19:32:46

Should say I also love wallpaper but I'm not sure it adds much in a very narrow dark are? Also I would want something in colours / styles that would clash with the bits we can't afford to redo

Bluntness100 Wed 01-Nov-17 19:36:49

I’ve fallen in love with wallpaper there is some absolutely stunning ones available now, very pricey, but totally stunning. However I don’t think it adds much when it’s that plain and in a hallway and I wouldn’t do it to sell, I’d only do it to live in.

I’d defintely just paint as decorator says.

EdgarAllanPO Wed 01-Nov-17 19:42:53

Op I don't mind the paper, we had something like it a few years ago, but agree with the decorator, chalky white will open up the space and give a more contemporary feel. As an aside I've had massive problems with a Laura Ashley paper recently. I loved it so much, it was a grey paper with swans on it. Our decorator said it was one of the worst papers he had ever worked with

butterfly56 Wed 01-Nov-17 22:40:42

Agree with decorator neutral chalky white.
Best to leave the new owners to sort out their own tastes in paper.
I have renovated and sold a number of properties and the only one that didn't sell within a few weeks was one that I had wallpapered different rooms.
It did eventually sell and the new owners painted all the rooms neutral!grin

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