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Anyone have a shower under a sloping ceiling?

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QueenJane Mon 30-Oct-17 21:33:38

We're upgrading our ensuite bathroom hopefully very soon. Removing the bath (we have a family bathroom) and having a shower room instead. Half of the room is under the eaves, so the ceiling slopes.

We have enough room to have a square shower enclosure under the area of the full ceiling, but I want a larger rectangular shower under the eaves, with a door and glass panel on one side only. Has anyone done this?

I've included a picture of what is pretty much identical to our set up. Is it difficult to tile a sloping ceiling? Is a bespoke shower door/panel super expensive? How did you go about measuring for the panel?

Fantasticmissfoxy Mon 30-Oct-17 21:51:44

The custom panels are expensive - a cheaper solution can be to use a standard glass shower door and a big rectangular shower tray, then do the sloping bit as a stud wall that's tiled on the inside if you see what I mean? Tiling a slope isn't really an issue for a good tiler, although you could use wet wall panels instead.

QueenJane Mon 30-Oct-17 22:50:33

Thanks Fantasticmissfoxy. I did think of that, but was worried it would be really dark? Our velux window isn’t as big as the one in the picture. I suppose I’m just thinking it must be a nightmare to measure and fit a panel like that. Would have to be absolutely perfect fit. We’ll probably need a tradesman to measure for us.

Fantasticmissfoxy Mon 30-Oct-17 23:50:36

I've done it in a couple of refurbs and as long as you have a good shower light it's not dark at all (use light coloured tiles too) The custom panels are lovely (I've used them once on a higher end project) but they are best measured, supplied and fitted by specialist companies which as you've identified isn't easy and isn't cheap. Just to give you an idea, the project I used it on the custom shower glass cost over £3500....

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