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LVT again - sorry!

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Tobuyornot99 Mon 30-Oct-17 08:11:17

I know it's been done to death, apologies for the thread, but no previous threads are relevant to my situation, help much appreciated.

I've decided on LVT for the back of my house, so knock through kitchen diner / utility / wc. About 20 square m.

Presently have carpet in dining room and tiles through the rest. Having been to 3 LVT suppliers they have wildly differing advice, one suggested loose lay over the top, one suggested screed in all the tiles then laying over the top, the other says it all needs to come up and be started again. Obviously the prices are differing wildly.

This is a huge investment for us and I really need it to last for many years and look good. Has anyone laid LVT over differing floors / tiles successfully and which method was best for you?

Thanks is advance!

wowfudge Mon 30-Oct-17 18:52:48

I would go for the option which levels everything out without creating lots of extra work - so what about skirting boards; do they need to be removed and re-done, will any doors need to be trimmed, if you screed and lay LVT over the tiles will the other area need several layers of screed to come up to the same level? I am surprised that loose laying LVT on tiles has been suggested as surely the outline of the tiles will show through when the LVT is walked on? Also it depends on what your subfloor is.

I'd be tempted to get the tiles taken up, but would have to weigh up the cost of that versus screeding over them.

Tobuyornot99 Mon 30-Oct-17 20:49:50

Thanks wow, I hoped you'd be a log as I've seen you commenting on LVT posts previously smile. I think you're right, if I don't take up the tiles then the whole floor is going to raise and interfe with skirtings etc. Perhaps it's a job we can do ourselves to save a few quid.

wowfudge Mon 30-Oct-17 21:27:23

The thought of taking up tiles is probably worse than the reality (not that we've ever done that). We had to get our dining room floor screeded as it was both uneven and ended up being stepped down from the kitchen floor where tiles has been screeded over. It wasn't worth it to us to take up the tiles which had already been screeded over by the previous owners because that part was actually level with the adjoining floorboarded area of the kitchen once it was ply boarded!

Tobuyornot99 Tue 31-Oct-17 15:57:50

It may even end up being therapeutic doing a bit of smashing of old tiles, I think you're right, they'll have to come up. Makes me think the guy who wanted to lay directly over them is a cowboy and well avoided.

wowfudge Tue 31-Oct-17 20:38:34

Try it in one area and see if they can be kind of levered off - if it's a total nightmare then leave them down. I have never heard of LVT laid directly on tiles without a screed.

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