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Wickes kitchens. Any useful tips or advice?

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ihatethecold Sun 29-Oct-17 18:22:02

I’m looking at the dark blue shaker style kitchen. The designer is coming on Tuesday and I have an idea of what I need in my kitchen.
Depending on the price they come back with I may go to DIY kitchens in S Yorkshire to see what they can do for me.
Please tell me if you have a Wickes kitchen and if you recommend them.

Ramona75 Mon 30-Oct-17 09:17:35

Never had a Wickes kitchen nor know of anyone with one. DIY have a comparison page here with some useful info on.

ihatethecold Mon 30-Oct-17 10:05:08

Thanks Ramona

ihatethecold Mon 30-Oct-17 10:06:12

I saw that page yesterday. The showroom is quite a distance from me but I think they look like great kitchens. I follow them on Facebook and the customers seem happy with the product.

MiaowTheCat Mon 30-Oct-17 13:16:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BuggerOffAndGoodDayToYou Wed 01-Nov-17 17:06:33

I have a Wickes kitchen. We installed it ourselves in 2001 and have been very happy with it.

ihatethecold Wed 01-Nov-17 20:32:15

Thanks. The designer came and we went through the options.
I’ll see what price they come back with but I am planning on taking a trip up north to the DIY kitchens showroom.

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Wed 01-Nov-17 20:42:14

We had one - mid range white gloss, I think Atlanta - installed several years ago. We have since sold the property, but I was very pleased with it. Everything arrived on time, nothing missing or damaged, and it looked very nice.

randomthoughts Wed 01-Nov-17 20:45:47

No experience of Wickes but we've just had our diy kitchen delivered (without visiting the showroom). It looks lovely and our fitter was impressed with the quality.

Rainshowers Wed 01-Nov-17 20:50:24

We had one in our old house that was still looking good four years later when we moved. We're getting one through them for this house too. The appliances worked out cheaper to source ourselves (via a mix of AO and Currys).

Just watch out for the little extras the designers slip in (fancy pull out cupboard things etc) as we found them really expensive and removed most from the order. They also tried to order us mire worktop than we actually needed last time, and did it again this time. Both times it was a 'mistake' but we weren't convinced!

ihatethecold Wed 01-Nov-17 20:54:01

How easy was it to order without going to the showroom?
I saw their online pdf that I can download to plan it myself but I felt a bit daunted.
My kitchen isn’t a straightforward shape at all.

randomthoughts Wed 01-Nov-17 21:04:19

I was quite lucky, we have a standard 10 year old box and it's a galley kitchen, so had some flexibility if I was out an inch or two on any of the extras (e.g, corner posts, fillers). I didn't use their planner, I got a pencil ruler and graph paper and had great fun.
I spent several hours at wren who came up with my original design, this was a good start but I've got something much better now.
Maybe go into Wren, see what they suggest, remember what size units they say and start your plan from there.

LouiseBrooks Wed 01-Nov-17 21:05:39

I have the Tiverton from Wickes. I originally got the design done elsewhere (at an independent which would have been twice the price) then took it to Wickes, got them to make a couple of very small tweaks. They did exactly what I asked for and I love it.

The kitchen at my old flat was MFI and is still looking good after 20 years, this one is better quality and I expect it to last as long. It was fitted nearly 3 years ago and looks brand new. I do take care of them though.

I'd recommend them.

SorrelForbes Wed 01-Nov-17 21:47:06

Units on Line in Taunton are very similar to DIY kitchens. We're just fitting our kitchen - Fitzroy painted.

Bluntness100 Wed 01-Nov-17 22:08:52

We used Wickes and they were excellent. The designer came out, measured up, created a design, I messed with it multiple times, or rather had her do so, everything was delivered just before the fitters came, the lead fitter redid measurements in advance to be sure, and they ripped out the old one, boosted electrics, installed new kitchen, in a very awkward shaped room, even putting cupboards at the height I wished and adding wood to thr back to make it flush as it’s an old listed house and the walls are uneven. They then organised for all rubbish to be taken away. Honestly I’d recommend, it was hassle free.

4yearsnosleep Wed 01-Nov-17 23:16:10

Sorrelforbs how did units online compare to diykitchens, did you look price wise? They have a style that I adore, but I fear it will be pricey. It’s close enough for us to visit, unlike diykitchens

StillSeekingResponsibleAdult Wed 01-Nov-17 23:21:43

Another glencoe larch here, love it and bearing up well, although it's not been in long so can't verify for long term. We had independent fitters and they rated it highly for solid construction and ease of fitting.
The designer we had was a bit crap and I'd have had things in different places if I'd been more knowledgeable in advance (dishwasher is in an awkward corner, which could have been avoided).

HidingBehindTheWallpaper Wed 01-Nov-17 23:25:10

Don’t buy it from Wickes!
Not that there is anything wrong with Wickes but if you buy from Benchmarx it will be less than half the price. FOR THE EXACT SAME PRODUCT.

Benchmarx are a trade only supplier but they will sell to the public directly. They supply the kitchens for Wickes.

MiaowTheCat Thu 02-Nov-17 07:35:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SorrelForbes Thu 02-Nov-17 12:44:00

@4yearsnosleep They came up a little cheaper than DIY but not by much. We're down south so it was a much more convenient option for us when it came to visiting a showroom. They did our plan too and have been really helpful.


Torres10 Thu 02-Nov-17 14:40:10

I have ordered from units online too. It's due next Thursday and I am more excited than I should be! The process so far has been excellent. We paid the £100 for design help and certainly got a better quality of input than I got from Howden or wickes. Also visited the showroom and got extra advice and time there too, very impressed. Compared to DIYK they were a bit more expensive however I wanted a true handleless and I couldn't get that from DIYK

ihatethecold Thu 02-Nov-17 15:01:55

Sorrel. Love your kitchen.
I’m planning on getting a dark blue kitchen with white worktops.

HeyMacWey Thu 02-Nov-17 15:07:16

I've just had a diy kitchens fitted after getting costings from howdens and wickes.

Diy kitchens were considerably cheaper and had a better range of units. I'd thoroughly recommend them and would use again.

SorrelForbes Thu 02-Nov-17 17:56:45

ihatethecold We're going for white work tops too. In fact the template came today and we're hoping it'll be fitted next week.

SorrelForbes Thu 02-Nov-17 17:57:07


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