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Sound proofing?

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wearenoisyneighbours Fri 27-Oct-17 18:21:53

We LOVE our Victorian house, we love the bones of it and tbh, can't see ourselves ever moving.

However, we are a semi and although the houses are big and strong, with lots of lovely features - the party-wall is not sound proof.

We have bare boards, as do our neighbours (I think). The halls run alongside each other.

Hubby has lifted boards and placed glass insulation against the wall, and also woven string between joists (which run between the houses) and placed insulation roll on this too, so it's sandwiched between the string and boards (we have a 2ft cavity below).

It's not really helped.

It's not just downstairs, either. If we're both on our landings, we can hear talking. Literally muffled talking. Luckily, only a couple of rooms and the hallways/landings are attached BUT we're really conscious of the noise we make- we're a big, growing family and their family has grown and left. They're ok- don't complain, but we're very conscious of our noise. Plus- what happens if/when they leave- we could have nightmare noisy neighbours move in!!!

Bar having a thick fake wall made (don't want to lose our features (picture rail/cornicing etc), any ideas of sound proofing available out there?


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