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Building / planning permission needed?

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Tigerlilly17 Wed 25-Oct-17 21:43:54

We are buying a new house and it has a mid sized courtyard at the rear. We were going to get a shed to store kids bikes etc but wondered about having a brick shed instead as it’s more secure and doesn’t require the usual upkeep of treatment and felt roof etc. It would also look neater. Would I need planning permission?

Archipops Wed 25-Oct-17 22:04:45

Hi Tigerlilly17, Are you in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. The planning requirements differ slightly depending where you are. This link below is for England. Hope this helps.

Tigerlilly17 Thu 26-Oct-17 08:48:55

Thank you so much. Seems like it would be perfectly fine 👍

Archipops Thu 26-Oct-17 12:47:23

You may still have to check if you need consent from sewerage undertaker, depending on the proximity of your shed and it’s foundations to location of existing public sewerage pipes underground. If it’s over or near it, you may still need to look into build over/near agreement and get consent from sewerage undertaker cos for example Thames Water etc depending where you are. Best to find out where the public sewerage line is underground and build your shed more than 3 metres away from it. This is my opinion/interpretation on it, best to confirm this with the sewerage co. It’s more of an issue because a brick shed will need some foundations compared to a wooden shed.

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