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Small side extension - roughly how much?

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Mummyinoz Wed 25-Oct-17 13:09:23

Looking at a house with potential to extend the kitchen by a few feet to the side to create a big open plan kitchen and dining area. No idea of cost though, any ideas (south east)?


HooraySunshine Wed 25-Oct-17 15:01:05

First you need to factor in the planning permission time/costs, whether or not you'll have objections from the neighbours (which could potentially increase time/costs) and then it depends on the type of extension you're wanting, how many doors, windows, type of roof, whether need to dig foundations, if pipes need to be moved, etc. and then of course the costs of whatever you're waning to do internally (new kitchen cabinets, new plumbing, new electrics, new flooring, etc.)

Without all of this, I think it would be nigh impossible to give any sort of quote.

All of the above would have it's own costs, but then you need to factor in the architect fees, builder's time (usually charge per day or per job) and then factor in the 'unseen' things like wood, nails, screws, etc. And typically, whatever quote you get, you'll inevitably exceed it because there will be 'hidden' costs or delays for one reason or another, etc. So factor that in as well, just in case! smile

dontcallmelen Wed 25-Oct-17 15:54:29

Hi we had a side extension of 5x2mtr two years ago, we didn’t need planning as it came in under permitted development,didn’t interfere with neighbours, also we didn’t need an architect as knew what we wanted, builder did the drawings which were submitted to council/building control(think it was about £500 for council costs)
It cost us just over twenty thousand, which included the roof light & French doors, electrics, plastering, some drainage & pipes also had to be moved, we provided the radiators/flooring which they installed & fitting was included in the price.
We didn’t move the kitchen so this was untouched, as we just wanted a bigger dining space & room for a sofa, so that kept costs down.
We kept in budget, the quote that we received was pretty comprehensive & I double checked & clarified anything I wasn’t sure of.

Mummyinoz Wed 25-Oct-17 16:14:25

Thanks very helpful. Lots to think about!

Archipops Wed 25-Oct-17 18:26:37

Even if proposed extension falls within the limits if permitted decelopment, it’s best to still consider submitting for lawful development certificate, so that you have the paperwork should you need it in the future. Also eliminates any risk of not complying within the limits of permitted development, it just gives householders the added reassurance with the paperwork done.

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