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Quartz v corian?

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Leicesterpiggott Wed 25-Oct-17 09:48:02

Just got the quotes for our new kitchen surface. Quartz and corian surprisingly coming out pretty similar! We are wanting a matte white. Please can you let me know your positive and not so positive experiences of both? I’ve heard corian stains and quartz chips for example. Which is best? Can you put pans down on corian? Help! And thanks.

PlausibleSuit Wed 25-Oct-17 10:06:55

I don't know anything about quartz but I've got matt (matte? too early aarrgh) white Corian in my rented flat. It's smart and very modern but I don't love it, I have to say.

It was already in when I moved in but I believe it's quite flexible to fit, and can be moulded to fit any shape or layout. Some people have Corian sinks too, moulded in a single piece along with the worktop, although I would imagine keeping one of those clean could be tricky. Mine is stainless steel.

This might just be me, but because the Corian is a thinner piece - mine is about 1cm thick - it can make the worktop area look mis-weighted, if that makes sense. It looks too thin for the cupboards.

It will stain if you leave staining things (beetroot, tea, turmeric, tomato sauce, blueberries; the usual suspects) on it, but I have some Barkeeper's Friend spray for stains which gets pretty much everything off. I've managed to keep mine white, but it does take a 'little and often' approach to wiping. I use a Method all-purpose cleaner most of the time which seems to work well. When it's perfectly clean it still looks pretty pristine.

The book of words that came with it says it's heat-proof to an extent, but not to put hot pans or dishes on it. So I use trivets.

Also, the matte finish smooths off slightly over time. The Corian was new when I moved in about 18 months ago and now the well-used areas are starting to take a slight shine. Apparently you can have DuPont or whoever come in and re-finish it, but I think it's probably got a few years before that needs to happen, and we'll be moving out within the year.

I think if I were doing my own kitchen I'd consider it over laminate and certainly over wood, but perhaps not in white.

In an ideal world I'd have granite; I had it in the last place I lived and I found it to be more attractive and easier to care for.

whiskyowl Wed 25-Oct-17 11:40:25

Do you have to have matt? I have heard that both matt quartz and matt Corian can be a bit of a nightmare - and that the matt finish tends to go with time, as plausible says.

White will really show any deterioration too.

user1469117700 Wed 25-Oct-17 11:45:49

Read the 10/12 page disclaimer on Dupont about their product.
the funny one being not to put boiling water in the sink

Leicesterpiggott Wed 25-Oct-17 13:43:50

This is brilliant advice ! Thanks so much... keep it coming please!

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Wed 25-Oct-17 13:55:53

I have grey non-matt corian. It does stain but it's not so obvious and disappears over time/cleaning.

We've had it 6 years and it still looks 'new'.

Wombles2007 Wed 25-Oct-17 13:56:06

I have Matt white quartz. Nearly cried the day it went in and the builder said that looks great but you'll have a nightmare with it. Initially I was worried as in the early days it seemed to mark easily, putting keys on it, for example, left light grey marks, but nothing that didn't come off with a cream cleaner. We're 18 months in though and i still love it and it's still looks great with no stains. It is definitely higher maintenance than darker colors or the polished finish but the Matt finish is so lovely. I don't regret it!

wizzywig Wed 25-Oct-17 13:56:42

Anyone else automatically think this was a baby name thread?

curcur Wed 25-Oct-17 17:04:43

Had both white corian and quartz. I found that using product over time, started to yellow the corian. It stains really easily. We had the molded white sink too and very difficult to keep clean, eventually quite yellow. I currently have a white speckle quartz which is great, it’s not matte though. It would have to be a hefty knock to chip it!

user263781638 Wed 25-Oct-17 17:22:44

We had white quartz kitchen guy put us off Corinan because of how easy it is to scratch and with two DD’s that was enough to put me off, yes it can be buffed out etc. But could you be arsed paying for that every few months as a matte one would show up scratches horrifically.
Our quartz was so easy, never stained and used to put hot pans on it all the time (we’ve just moved house and I miss it sad) the only thing that marked it and you couldn’t put it on the surface was kitchen foil hmm very odd.
I loved the effect of corian with the blended upstands and built in sink but at the end of the day it’s a used house not a show home, words of a wise kitchen man.

Clayhead Wed 25-Oct-17 18:02:08

Anyone else automatically think this was a baby name thread?


GlowWine Wed 25-Oct-17 18:17:05

We have black speckled (?) Corian, for about 10 years. It allowed us to mould different corners to suit the layout.
No staining but I was aware of the issue so have been careful, presumably non-white makes it less susceptible too. We have a stainless steel sink though. The matte or shiny finish is added at the end by special polishing, my fitters left me the graded sandpaper discs they used so I could re-polish if I wanted. It does scratch easily, and I now have areas, for example where the kettle sits, where it's a different grade polished 'wear' but I couldn't be bothered to redo it till now.

DropZoneOne Wed 25-Oct-17 18:21:14

We have grey speckled corian with white sink. Previous owners installed it. Sink stains like buggery but we weren't left any maintenance instructions so have probably caused this ourselves. Also DH dropped a knife into it and took a chunk out!

Leicesterpiggott Wed 25-Oct-17 21:25:51

Ok then... sounding like quartz could be the winner! Thanks all. grin

DOLLYDAYDREAMER Fri 27-Oct-17 20:37:53

To all you Corian owners. Best cleaner is Bar keepers friend. Used along with a scotchbrite pad. The more you do it the better the surface gets. Dont use bleach or similar as will attack surface and make it impossible to get clean. If you get scratches you can use fine sandpaper to get them out.

Humptynumpty02 Fri 27-Oct-17 20:51:44

If nothing else was off putting then that last post just put the nail in the coffin of our Corian interest.

MILdesperandum Sat 28-Oct-17 08:07:37

For those who have quartz - how noticeable are the joins? We were thinking quartz in our L shaped kitchen but were put off because one of the lengths would be around 4m and the maximum length in 3m so we would need a join...

Lindtnotlint Sat 28-Oct-17 08:10:49

Neolithic or dekton

Lindtnotlint Sat 28-Oct-17 08:11:04

Sorry, neolith

feve17 Sun 29-Oct-17 11:51:27

The beauty of Corian is that you can absolutely anything with it. It can be bent & curved in all directions & the entire kitchen can be seamless which is very appealing to a lot of people. HOWEVER, it does get minor surface scratches on it from day to day use which you will be able to see in the daylight. They can be easily buffed out but no one is going to bother buffing their worktops all the time are they? You also can't have a boiling water tap with a corian sink as the constant heat will damage the bowl so you'd have to get the corian sink with the stainless base.

Quartz (although a little cheaper than corian) I feel looks much nicer & is much more hard wearing in terms of scratching & heat resistance. You can also get quartz sinks that match your tops & you can pour boiling water in them too. If you have a very well experienced stone mason the joints will be very slim & very tidy with colour matched silicone in so they won't be really obvious.

Overall the most hard wearing product for your worktops would be a ceramic, so either Dekton or Neolith. They are indestructible & will take chopping, harsh chemicals & you can even flambe on the surface without damaging it... just in case you wanted too! haha

Humptynumpty02 Sun 29-Oct-17 12:09:52

Interesting post feve, how does the price of quartz stack up against dekton and neolith?

user1469117700 Sun 29-Oct-17 12:36:04

good watch

Ridingthegravytrain Sun 29-Oct-17 12:45:11

MIL the join is under our hob and barely noticeable. Also the surface is mottled grey and the grey silicone blends in really well. I wouldn't worry about the joins

MILdesperandum Sun 29-Oct-17 15:22:32

Thanks gravy train. Ive done a few online quotes for the silestone and its coming out more than the corian at the moment...

Amolla Sun 03-Dec-17 08:10:33

Did you make a decision regarding your Matt white worktop? I had chosen quartz and then changed my mind to Corian and now after reading this I am back to quartz. Did you manage to find a matt white (with no speckles) in the quartz I can’t seem to find one only a gloss finish from Compaq. Any help woud be appreciated. Thank you

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