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Lighting Zones

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4yearsnosleep Tue 24-Oct-17 19:16:01

We are planning an extension to make a multi use room. It will have a kitchen/dining/living room /office. In addition to spots, I want lighting under the cabinets, over the island & over the dining table. All controlled separately, this works out at 7 light switches which will look a bit daft. Is there something that will control all the lights without having 7 different switches?


BubblesBuddy Tue 24-Oct-17 19:45:20

Not that I know of. If you want to control them individually, you need individual switches. I have multiple switches (banks of 6) but they are zoned like the lights. We do not have all the switches in the same place. You also need on/off (two way) in different locations and think about outside lighting too. We turn ours on from inside but from three locations. Would you want/need to control the dining table lighting from where you control the under-cupboard lights in the kitchen? Ditto lighting for the study area? Break the lighting zones up if you need to.

In my kitchen I can have lights on over the island, under the cabinets, star lights in the ceiling, external lighting on the patio and general downlighters. There are two banks of switches for this but one bank also has a switch for lighting part of the hall for the workstation area and more external lighs in addition to the kitchen lights and the second bank has an additional switch for the dining table area downlighters. There is an arco lamp over the table which is just plugged in.

It all gets a bit complex and you can get an electrician to do a lighting plan. It's the best way. You need to think of sockets for lamps too in order to get lower levels of lighting in the lounge area if you want this.

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