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Help me solve this....

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Shouldnotwouldnot Mon 23-Oct-17 21:27:35

I had my 2 year old sons room painted. I instructed the painters to only use water based paints so it wouldn’t smell and picked a Dulux diamond Matt colour.

The day they did it the room smelt so acrid it made me feel dizzy and now a week later it still smells significantly.

However, they are insisting they used water based paints only and I can see a tin of Dulux Diamond Matt they’ve used.....the only thing I can think is they used a solvent based paint on the fireplace or skirting boards....they’re insisting not though. And I can also see a tin of Brilliant White satin paint which is water based.

Is it possible for water based paint to smell so strongly and for such a long time?

And what on earth do I do as I can’t move my child back in - how long will it be!!!!

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