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Shower over bath help please

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loveka Mon 23-Oct-17 11:40:52

We need to put a shower over this bath! It is a temporary solution. We just can't afford a new bathroom now, but will do it this time next year.

The plan is to get a shower hose extender and put the shower in the middle of the length of the bath. We will have a shower curtain.

What sort of shower curtain pole do I need? I think I want it to go along the length of the bath, so that the curtain can stay outside the bath when having a bath. I don't want to spend loads, but I do want good quality.

I need to tile the wall obviously! But with what? I don't want to waste to much money, so would like to use these tiles when we eventually redo the bathroom. But if I use white tiles will that look stupid against the existing vile ones?

Thanks for any advice! It is in a holiday cottage.

parkview094 Mon 23-Oct-17 12:30:19

Is that a shaped bath that narrows in the middle? If so, it could be pretty awkward showering in that position? Also - even though the shower will be away from the alcove with the mirror, you can guarantee that water, shampoo etc will sit on that wooden shelf.
Could you not block up the alchove and put the shower there instead? It would potentially reduce the amount of tiling you need to do (half the bath plus the end rather than the whole width).
If the bath isn't the full width of the room, you could then use a shower screen instead of a curtain?

loveka Mon 23-Oct-17 12:58:01 does narrow in the middle. I think you are right. I have asked a builder to block up the alcove, so thanks!

A shower screen wouldn't work as the sink hangs over the edge of the bath a teeny bit.

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