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Microbore radiator removal for decorating

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moreismore Sat 21-Oct-17 11:54:05

I need to strip paper behind my radiators and am hoping I can remove them without draining down the whole system. I can't find much info via google- can anyone advise if this is possible with microbore pipes and what the procedure is?

Many thanks

johnd2 Sat 21-Oct-17 17:05:53

There are tricks if you get on YouTube.
Is it microbe plastic or copper? Plastic let's you just unhook, copper you'd do best to turn off both valves, put old towels under the ends, loosen the end nuts, unhook the radiator (quickly) and tilt it flat, then tighten again. You'll need to support the back at the right height to avoid stressing the pipes.
When you've finished just do the reverse.
If you really need full access to the wall get bucket and after tilting it down you can unscrew fully then make sure the normal bottom of the radiator is at the top. Then you can either tip a bit into the bucket and carry the whole thing out side, or just tip it all into the bucket.

Caveats are that big radiators are extremely heavy especially with water, and the water will be horrible black water that stains anything nice and easily splashes everywhere.

moreismore Sat 21-Oct-17 19:05:08

Hi there. Thank you so much for your reply, it's really helpful. They are copper pipes and we're having the wall plastered so they'll need to (carefully!) come off. I'll search YouTube.
Thanks again.

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