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Bathroom renovation before extension?

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alwaysneedadvice Fri 20-Oct-17 21:44:58


I’m going to be moving into a house that needs everything doing (new kitchen, new bathroom, new skirtings, ceilings skimmed etc). As well as all this, I am also planning on a two storey side extension (on three bed semi). The side extension will be accessed through a couple of new doorways (but no large “break through” needed).
All this is likely to be happening when I could potentially be pregnant. So what I’ve suggested To my builder is that he does things within the existing house first (bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms but not the hallway) and then does the extension afterwards. This would mean I have a nice house to live in whilst the major work is being done and the two small areas that need a “break though” would be done at the end.

I suggested this to my builder but he is concened the build may cause new tiles (e.g. in the bathroom) to crack. I was surprised at this and wanted to ask if anyone has any experience of this. How big a risk is it?
Thanks 🙂

Baxdream Fri 20-Oct-17 22:29:45

We’re having a two storey side extension at the moment. Those ‘small breakthroughs ‘ are still going to be disruptive.
We haven’t broken through yet but we have a hole in the landing where they attached the joists, dirty carpet .
Personally I I’d get your extension done first.

alwaysneedadvice Sat 21-Oct-17 21:29:55

Thank you for your response. I’m really unsure....this will be my first pregnancy and I am worried about the main house being renovated in the latter stages of it. I feel as if I’d be more relaxed if I’d got the main house sorted to live in and then did the extension..... I’ll have to have a careful think.

didireallysaythat Sun 22-Oct-17 21:30:54

We had our bathroom done up and an extension 3 years later. The builder was really nervous about the tiles cracking - we got away with that but there's a crack all around the top of the room and quite a large one in one of the rooms that was effected by the new steels being put in. Your builder sounds quite wise.

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