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New boiler being fitted - how disruptive?

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Lucyjm84 Fri 20-Oct-17 14:20:10

Hi everyone

Having a new boiler fitted tomorrow and have been told they could be here all day into the evening. Have never had to refit a boiler so just wondered if anyone can advise how disruptive it might be.
No extreme work being done. Just a straight forward boiler replacement and a flush of the radiators etc. Also a magnetic filter being fitted to the cylinder in the airing cupboard.
We've currently got the emersion heating the hot water so i'm assuming we'll still have that tomorrow but does anyone know if they tend to switch the electrics off at all? Have got a baby and a toddler and Husband away off shore! so preparing for how to work around the engineer etc.

SierraFerrara Fri 20-Oct-17 14:27:46

Yep water and electrics go off.
It's not a big deal though. Put some jumpers on and if you're worried about needing hot water for bottles etc use a thermos.
We've had about 5 new boilers fitted (don't ask!) Including once while it was snowing and it is a pain but managable.

PigletJohn Fri 20-Oct-17 14:33:09

there will be quite a lot of dust when they drill into and through the wall, so take what you can out of the room(s) and cover the rest.

Take out PC and TV if you can, which are easily damaged by builders' dust.

Hide your domestic hoover in the boot of the car because builders' dust is bad for them. Clean up with a dustpan, followed by a damp sponge or mop before you use the vac. They may (should) bring a canister vac to clean up.

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