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Outdoor rain canopy sort of thing?

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teaandakitkat Thu 19-Oct-17 19:17:56

We have a shed where we keep a chest freezer and other kitchen stuff that doesn't fit in the kitchen. It's about 2m from the kitchen door.
I want to rig up some sort of temporary shelter thing so I can get to the shed in the winter without getting rained on, bit nothing permanent because we're getting some building work done in the summer.
Has anyone used a shade sail type canopy? Do they stay up? Do they keep the rain off? Do they attach quite easily?

This sort of thing, or similar if anyone has a recommendation?

united4ever Thu 19-Oct-17 23:09:23

ha ha, I asked on here last month or so about shade sails....but more for the purpose of drying laundry on a showery day. i took the plunge with a 'waterproof one' so far not great. think you have to install them with a real angle and get them very taut as well otherwise the rain water will collect and then it will sag and eventually leak. the good thing is that once you have fitted the eyelets they just clip on and off easily so my plan is just to use it on the many days that the 're is a threat of a small shower but not going to use it if it will rain all day or heavy winds etc.

I also considered corrugated plastic shelter but I could imagine it's a bit more tricky to install, would blow off in high winds and quite noisy when the rain hammers down on it.

so no conclusive answer. think I need to move the eyelets to increase the angle on my shade sail and get it really taut.....but as the name suggests it's not really designed for keeping the rain off. definitely a gap in the market for something like this though...especially in this country.

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