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Insurance whilst renovating

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OctoberOctober Thu 19-Oct-17 10:22:58

Just called up our insurer to say we will be starting an extension and apparently it is outside their cover in terms on duration and cost - they only cover up to 12wks and £80k. What have others done in this situation? They suggested finding a specialist insurer, but surely this is fairly common?

RandomlyGenerated Thu 19-Oct-17 23:04:43

Sounds like they don't have an add-on for their policy that you can take out for the duration of the works? We insure with Hiscox, which offers an add-on for renovation and extension works.

Try speaking to a local insurance broker for advice?

Don't forget that on completion you'll need to make sure your insurer has the details of the changes and its factored into the rebuild costs.

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