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Annoying original Edwardian hearth and new flooring: wwyd?

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Phalarope Wed 18-Oct-17 20:14:26

Only annoying because I hadn't expected to find the original hearth under the carpet - they've been ripped out in every other room. Anyway, it's got lovely dark green tiles, flush to the original pine floorboards. So what would you do about the surrounding floor?

The floorboards are really too knackered to restore - the house was bedsits in a previous life and the boards have been cut for heating/wiring a lot, replaced and mismatched, and covered with lino in places.

We were planning engineered wood with lots of insulation from the cellar below, but then we'd end up with a weird sort of sunken hearth.

At some point in the next year or so we plan to open up the (currently bricked-up) chimney breast and stick a wood burning stove in there. I guess the existing hearth might not meet fire regs anyway.

Do I just stick engineered wood over the top of the lovely tiles, with a view to sticking a new raised hearth on top again in the near future? Or is there any way of salvaging them to re-lay flush with the new floor?

PigletJohn Wed 18-Oct-17 21:12:06

they are almost certain to be laid on a concrete base and you won't be able to get them up without ruin. You can lay your new floor on top of them, or have it cut to leave a gap if you want them showing. You would put a trim, probably brass, round the hearth, if you want to make a feature of the fireplace. I can't think of the name for it. Fender?

For a bit more effort you could have a piece of flooring cut so it lifts out like a hatch. I expect your flooring would be 18mm thick.

TattiePants Wed 18-Oct-17 22:10:41

We have an original hearth that's laid on concrete and engineered flooring. We had the wood around the hearth chamfered so even though the hearth is lower than the floor, the sloping edge makes it look less severe.

Phalarope Wed 18-Oct-17 22:49:10

PigletJohn yes, I think getting them up isn't going to happen, is it. And fender sounds right and has reminded me of the irritating one I keep tripping over at the inlaws, so I won't be getting one like that.

Tattie that looks great - much better than what I was imagining.

Thank you - off to ponder on it.

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