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Survey requires structural engineer report - movement

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emsyj37 Wed 18-Oct-17 14:38:40

Any experience or thoughts welcome... We are trying to buy a house and today got the mortgage valuation report through. It says there is evidence of movement (house is 30s so not a new build but not 'period '/really old) including of solid floors, and we have to get a structural engineer to inspect and report before the lender will proceed. Anyone know what the significance is of the floors??? And what is the likelihood of movement in a house this age being continuous?? Any words of wisdom??!!

ChinaRose Wed 18-Oct-17 14:43:16

It's probably old movement but bank will need that in writing from a strruc engineer. Our house has just been passed off as stable and none continuous. The structural engineer will inspect it and give you a full report. There's not many houses of that age that wouldn't be referred for a full structural tbh

emsyj37 Wed 18-Oct-17 14:46:45

Do you think so?? We desperately want this house!!!! I know some movement is really common but the referral to a structural engineer has us very stressed.

wowfudge Thu 19-Oct-17 04:54:50

I've bought and sold several old houses and never had to have a structural survey in order to get a mortgage.

There's no point worrying about something you can do nothing about - get a structural engineer round and take it from there. The house is nearly 100 years old so it is old! Have you noticed any cracks, any unevenness in floors, windows, etc?

scaryteacher Thu 19-Oct-17 09:09:43

Agree with Wowfudge We haven't had to have a structural survey either, and our places were all older houses.

emsyj37 Thu 19-Oct-17 10:23:35

Nope, no sign of anything - it isn't clear from the valuation report exactly what it is that has caused the surveyor to refer it for a structural engineer's report. It doesn't mention any specifics just 'evidence of structural movement includi g to solid floors. We've been round the house 3 times and nothing seemed amiss. It's very strange.

ChinaRose Thu 19-Oct-17 12:52:42

Uneven floor? They can spot things that you or I wouldn't see. Surveyors are covering themselves. When was the house last worked on by current owners? Any bay windows?

emsyj37 Thu 19-Oct-17 13:20:04

The floors are all original parquet with the exception of the kitchen, which is tiles. There was a kitchen extension added about 12 years ago. There are bay windows to the front, still with their original windows. The floors all look perfect to the untrained naked eye. We have the engineer booked so should find out more early next week.

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