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Storage Heater - Tips please on how to use

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AkimboKim Wed 18-Oct-17 10:09:15

I have brand new electric storage heaters in my house (not long moved in). There is no gas supply here so no choice in that.
Anyway I’ve never used them before, so to anyone who lives with them and knows how to use them, can you tell me what you do? When do you tend to have them come on to make the best use of them?
I’m hopeless with timers and stuff anyway even when it’s central, so not overly happy I have 7 heaters to operate individually.
I’m hoping to get a log burner fitted eventually too, but that won’t be this winter I don’t think.


AccidentalyRunToWindsor Wed 18-Oct-17 10:11:45

So the Hester has an input and output dial usually. You turn the input up during your off peak times , usually 11-6 or 12-7 overnight and keep the output shut.
The heater has concrete inside that will store the heat until you open the output flaps to let the heat out when you need it.

AccidentalyRunToWindsor Wed 18-Oct-17 10:14:59

This link may help explain better 😊
It's important to remember that they all operate independently so you have to close the output to stop all the heat escaping.

If you contact your energy company you can check when your off peak times are. Depending on the area of the county you are in it varies.

Hope that helps- I used to explain this over the phone which is much easier than in writing.

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