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Drive - block pave, tarmac or bound resin?

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vilamoura2003 Tue 17-Oct-17 23:19:45

I am driving myself mad with this now - so many negative things about all of them. Any mumsnet wisdom or experience?

We have about 90m 2 of driveway which I want resurfacing. Currently only have driveway for 1 car and then lawn and side passageway. Have considered block paving, Tarmac (with a block paving edge), or bound resin.

Thoughts please 😊👍

johnd2 Wed 18-Oct-17 05:37:31

Block paving is nice but you'll have to keep the weeds and ants in check.
Tarmac isn't nice on a large area.
Not sure about the other.
The most important bit as always is the bit you can't see, the base. Ask the designer for the specification for the base and make sure it includes digging out all loose soil, 100mm mechanically compacted hardcore type1, then whatever the top layer is.
The reason you see so many driveways with ruts and sinking blocks is that the base isn't done properly.
Our existing drive that we took up was just mud, a little sand and blocks.

MeT00 Wed 18-Oct-17 14:14:16

If you put down flagstones and get someone good to do it there won't be an issue with ants or weeds. We did that a few years ago. It was laid on a bed of concrete. Looks great. I too had been in a quandry about it and did a lot of research.

FuzzyOwl Wed 18-Oct-17 14:16:09

Check about planning permission if you want tarmac or concrete. We have block paving and no issue with weeds at all or ants.

snowgirl1 Wed 18-Oct-17 14:46:03

We had our drive done last year and went with block paving in the end. I would've liked resin, but it was sooo expensive. We swithered between resin (too expensive), large paving slabs (risk of cracking), honeycomb with gravel on top (query long term how the honeycomb stuff lasts). The landscaping guy said block paving was best that's what we went with. Still kind of wish we'd gone with resin or honeycomb + gravel as they look better - but even block paving looks better than what was there before and parking is much easier now.

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