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Pebbledash painting urgent opinions please

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Surpriseeggsforbreakfast Tue 17-Oct-17 09:14:26

Having our pebbledash painted today, first coat is on in Sandtex white but am wondering if we should go for a softer white (chalk hill on chart). Photos attached and any opinions appreciated!

Surpriseeggsforbreakfast Tue 17-Oct-17 09:14:52

Pictures attached

Ridingthegravytrain Tue 17-Oct-17 09:25:15

Our house is painted sandtex white. Our neighbours decided to go an off white similar to the chalk hill on your chart and tbh their house looks like it was painted way before ours (it wasn't) so personally I would stick with white

Surpriseeggsforbreakfast Tue 17-Oct-17 09:27:52

Oh really? I've just told him to change it. I do think bright white won't look good next to neighbours off white but don't want it to look old confused

Ridingthegravytrain Tue 17-Oct-17 09:33:23

If theirs is off white and you match it then it will look fine. But with ours, ours looks nicer and fresher than theirs. I wish they had matched ours to be honest!

MiaowTheCat Tue 17-Oct-17 09:58:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JoJoSM2 Tue 17-Oct-17 10:55:40

Our house is painted a colour similar to your umber stone with brickwork on the ground floor. It looks gorgeous.

Have you tried several samples to see what they look like at different times of the day?
If it’s a complete rush job, I’d just go with white as that’s safe if not particularly interesting.

PragmaticWench Tue 17-Oct-17 11:04:32

Agree umber stone is lovely, or the heather one.

peglady Tue 17-Oct-17 11:09:24

Chalk hill every time!
Or match it to whatever your neighbours used.
Hate brilliant white - it gets dirty so quickly.

steppemum Tue 17-Oct-17 12:30:58

Oh may I hijack with a quick question?

Ours house is rendered bottom half then pebbledash top half.
The pebbledahs is really old and grey looking. 3 houses near us have all been redone, which makes ours look even worse.

Some houses in the road have painted pebbledash - can I just paint it? Does is need special treatment first? How long does a good paintjob last?

peglady Tue 17-Oct-17 18:46:05

Of course you can paint it steppemum Give it a good brush over with a stiff brush to get rid of any cobwebs or loose stones and away you go. It’s a slow job though, as you really have to push the paint into the texture of the wall, and you’ll probably need three coats to get an even colour on a previously unpainted wall.
The massive disadvantage IMHO is it’a then a huge job which needs to be redone every few years, whereas “bare” pebbledash needs no ongoing attention.

steppemum Tue 17-Oct-17 19:33:14

I am worried by the idea of the stiff brush, if we have a hailstorm, the ground os littered with stones.

i guess one of the things I am afriad of, is that after it is painted stones fall off, and leave little holes in the paint.

Is there any way of cleaning it? There are dark streaks from the corners of the windows. If I could get rid of those it would look a lot better.

Surpriseeggsforbreakfast Thu 19-Oct-17 16:57:30

The pebbledash looks a million times better painted. The Chalk Hill is looking very beige to me but the tester looked exactly like next doors creamy white colour confused. I'm hoping it will look better when it's all on and I can't see the brilliant white underneath any more.

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