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How to cope with the viewings at shit times

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HipToBeSquare Mon 16-Oct-17 16:07:37

Agents just rang, can they do a viewing at 5.45 pm today and I said no.

I'm so bloody torn as I want to sell but it's all bloody bad timing (always evenings when I have young dc) and I've been doing this now for 5 weeks and had no second viewings on around 15 or so viewings.

I personally think it's on for too much but DH is adamant we're not lowering it again.

I don't think there's enough interest for an open day but God I just want to say to the agents book Saturdays or during the day. Dinner time and after dd2 bedtime is not good!

(I have actually said this but they still ask and I'm finding it very difficult to say no!). I work FT mostly from home but still juggling everything is leaving me stressed.

How is everyone else coping with the viewings?

HooraySunshine Mon 16-Oct-17 17:13:07

We just bought a house. We looked for ages and there were numerous agents who told us 'That home owner only does viewings on X days from X-X time.' I didn't think it was too strange (their house, if I want to see it I need to work with them). I always managed to find a time that worked within the various schedules we were given.

One thing that put me off viewings was 'group viewings'. There are a few agents doing that now. You find a house that looks worth a viewing, you book your slot and turn up to find that 3 other couples have also been booked on that time slot. You'll be shown around the house together in a group! shock Not ok! I would always walk away as soon as we saw it, and not take any further messages from that agent.

Maybe tell the agent something like 'If a majority of people are wanting to see during a week day, then I can take off work on X day if you can book at least 5 (or whatever number you think is reasonable) back to back viewings and then the next time I'm available is Saturday.'

From my experience, estate agents will push boundaries. You need to be firm. We made it very clear we were looking for at least 4 bedrooms, large garden, parking, etc and they were constantly phoning/texting/emailing me to view 1 bedroom flats in a city centre!

Don't forget, there are lots of agents out there. If you're not happy with this one, switch to another. It won't cost you anything.

Figure out what schedule works best for you, be flexible if you can, but stay firm with the agents and most importantly Don't give up! smile You will sell your home eventually. You just haven't found the right buyer yet! smile

Good luck!

HipToBeSquare Mon 16-Oct-17 18:31:25

Thanks Hooray for the positive words smile

We actually viewed this house with another woman but the agents just kind of said oh do you want to see this house too. I felt really bad when I realised we'd taken over her time! And we both put in offers for it blush

I'm normally a take-no-shit type of person so I'm surprised how easily I'm feeling pressured by the agents.

seven201 Mon 16-Oct-17 18:50:42

I know it's not ideal but you could say "yes they can come but I'll be giving the dc dinner so it will be chaos" so it's up to you/them. We viewed a lot of houses where families were in. Including one with a sleeping child in a bedroom and we did offer to not go on that room, but she opened the door and we had a peek.

DelphiniumBlue Mon 16-Oct-17 18:54:23

I think if you want to sell you'll need to be flexible.

twodoors Mon 16-Oct-17 18:56:16

Exactly the same scenario as us. Our houses have been on the same amount of time and we've had the same number of viewings. Starting to get really annoyed with it all now as that's 15 times we've had to get out of the house along with small kids and our rescue dog. They called me at lunch time asking if they can do a viewing tomorrow at 9am. I've just started a full time job, I'm exhausted, the house is a tip and now my mum who's looking after my kids tomorrow needs to get out first thing with the kids and dog AND I've got to spend the evening cleaning tonight. So annoying.

RosyPony Mon 16-Oct-17 18:57:39

We plan to sell next year and we will only allow viewings on Friday and Saturday, if someone wants to buy it they can fit in around me. We jumped through hoops last time and I found it so stressful.

HipToBeSquare Mon 16-Oct-17 19:35:16

Two I know, it's the constant tidying with dc, having to do everything multiple times for one viewing

Rosy I'd love to say that and actually be able to stick to it.

Delphin I have been flexible. Last week we had a few cancellations, one lady cancelled twice and you only find out 30 minutes before or once you're actually out. And while I want to sell, it's still my home and life is still going on.

Seven I'm trying to not be in because I feel like if we're all making the effort (them to get here and me to tidy and feck off) then they deserve a look around in peace.

Maybe I'm not cut out for this malarkey and should move with the dc and leave dh to sell it grin

SingingMySong Mon 16-Oct-17 20:33:19

I got it down to a well oiled machine. Basket of favourite toys saved for the big tidy up. Get them out as a novelty while you tidy the rest of the house then scoop favourite toys away into basket at the last minute and take kids out in buggy. We cleared a kitchen cupboard too so we could just sweep the kitchen crap into that.

A couple of times lovely friends had us round for children's tea. Other times we hung out at soft play later than we ever did before or since. The local leisure centre was also useful as somewhere I could buy tea for the kids without having to buy for me too, and they had a small soft play frame.

Pricing it right is really important though, to save your sanity! We had viewings virtually every day so we had limited opportunity for the mess to build up. Good luck!

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