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Garage carpet

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StarlitTrees Sun 15-Oct-17 23:16:42

Following on from my previous thread regarding integral garage conversion, I'm thinking about a shorter term plan of what I can do with my garage.

I'm going to make a little laundry area at the back of it. Washing machine is already integrated in the kitchen, so I'm going to put my condenser tumble dryer in the garage and going to add some shelving and a work surface so I can sort the washing ready to put away.

I'm worried the garage may be too cold/damp for this realistically.
I've found a few articles about indoor/outdoor carpet, which has more durable and fire resistant properties than regular carpet, making it better for the garage. But these articles are all from America. Has anyone used a similar uk product? I think I'd prefer a carpet than carpet tiles as it seems so much easier to lay.

I've also seen diy garage door insulation. Just trying to think of ways to make the garage less cold through the winter and more of a room than a garage without doing an actual conversion for now.

Any tips/ideas?

PigletJohn Sun 15-Oct-17 23:51:30

if it's integrated, the floor should have a DPM. Put a rubber mat or sheet of plastic on the floor. In a couple of weeks lift it and see if it is wet underneath. It shouldn't be.

The walls should be about 13" thick.

The door will lose heat. You can buy brush-type draught excluders which allow the door to open, or you could seal round it with broad tape.

If you want a heater in there, an oil-filled radiator is safest. Turn everything off when unattended. Remember tumble driers sometimes catch fire. Petrol, white spirit, WD40 and motor oil are commonly found in garages, and are flammable. A smoke or heat detector in the garage that sounds in the house is worthwhile.

Vinyl flooring is easiest to keep clean. Concrete garage floors create grit and cement dust unless you seal them.

StarlitTrees Mon 16-Oct-17 07:55:51

Ooh thank you, that's all really helpful. And I hadn't thought of a smoke alarm, so I'll definitely get one.
I don't think a car has ever been in the garage, but chemicals, like white spirit, might have. I'll make sure to store anything flammable in the shed.

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