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Integral Garage Conversion

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StarlitTrees Sun 15-Oct-17 01:48:05

About to move into a house that has an integral garage.
Has anyone recently converted theirs? How much did it cost?
Obviously it's dependent on the finer details.

It's a standard single garage, with access to the house via a door leading into the hallway. There's at least one plug socket in situ and a light and switch.

Two options are:
1. Convert the whole thing into a second reception room. Turn the current garage door into a window.
2. Convert 2/3 into a room, add a window onto the side of the house, leaving the remaining third (or so) as is, as outside storage (bikes etc), leaving the garage door as is.

My other thought is to also convert the (tiny) study room into a utility room. It is currently next to the kitchen, so not far to extend the pipes (?? I know nothing about conversions but feel this might make it slightly easier/cheaper)
I've attached a copy of the downstairs floor plan.

Anyone done anything similar? Any tips/ball park figures?

Angryosaurus Sun 15-Oct-17 08:24:46

Ha ha, you have the same layout as us and we deliberated on this for over a year! Moving now, but this is what we did- Converted back of garage into good size amazing utility, kept the front for bikes (soooo glad we did!). We put a glass roof conservatory with UFH and double doors that join it to the dining room. I think this room gets used much more, as it so light and over looks the garden, and feels connected to the kitchen. I'm not sure a 'playroom' at the front of our house (it was going to go in the remaining garage), accessed from the hall would have been used nearly as much. Cost 20k for conservatory and garage

StarlitTrees Sun 15-Oct-17 08:57:11

Aw your floor plan is exactly what I would want.
We viewed a house that had part converted the garage into a lovely utility and left the front as storage and it was just so handy.
Im a bit obsessed with having a beautiful utility room (anything to make the chore of laundry more appealing!)

Whilst a conservatory would be amazing, I think we would just look at the garage for now.
It just seems like wasted space. Cars are bigger, we won't be putting it in the garage. But a lovely utility room and a bigger study would be amazing.

Thumbcat Sun 15-Oct-17 09:01:10

A friend recently had her garage converted to a room and had quotes ranging from 7k to 12k.

BubblesBuddy Sun 15-Oct-17 10:17:23

I would open up the kitchen into the dining room for starters. It's a trek from one to the other. My laundry room is bigger than your study. Not sure you will get what you want into that space so do take part of the garage. My laundry is self contented and not close to the kitchen. This works well for us so you won't need a door from the kitchen into the utility. Water shouldn't be a problem but allow for a drying area in the laundry and a very large sink for hand washing.

Most houses suffer from lack of storage so I would keep the front of the garage for storage but change the doors. It looks a bit odd to have a garage with a full door and no depth!

Not sure about costs!

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