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New kitchen or respray?

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hotelzanzibar Fri 13-Oct-17 17:32:48

I have a beige (almost yellow) melamine shaker kitchen with dark granite - a bit 90s but the units are in good condition. I'd love a new, good quality kitchen with a matt finish, in a totally different colour scheme, but the price of starting from scratch puts me off.
Should I just get the doors resprayed or is this a false economy? I've heard from some people that the finish isn't good and I wouldn't want to be doing more on the kitchen in the next 5 years.
Any advice or tips gratefully received.

wufti Sat 14-Oct-17 09:06:35

Have you looked into getting replacement doors? There have been a few threads on here about replacement doors, easier if you want shaker or slab doors

HelsNottingham1 Sat 14-Oct-17 15:52:23

You say that the kitchen doors are melamine ( laminate) ? You cannot 're-paint/spray as it is a plastic covering. Its a bit like heavy duty 'sticky back plastic'. The only time one can re-paint kitchen doors is if they are solid wood, as they can be sanded, primed, top coat and then a lacquer.
It is a long and drawn out process to do it correctly and achieve a quality finish.
Don't waste your time. Go to an interdependent Kitchen showroom and ask for a free quote to change all the doors/ panels/ cornice/ pelmet etc. At least you will have a starting point.

DesignbyHeliumKitchens17 Sun 15-Oct-17 12:59:00

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MissKittyCat Sun 15-Oct-17 13:35:22

You can paint melamine - you can get melamine primer for the purpose. When I moved into my house the kitchen had dark green cupboard doors. I painted them with melamine primer and then white satin. I used a gloss roller to get an even texture. It was supposed to be a short term fix until I replaced the kitchen - ten years later it still looks good.

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