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How does this work?

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Redyoyo Fri 13-Oct-17 16:26:59

We have viewed a house which has been on the market for a while we are in Scotland so it's a fixed price. The home report value is 195k the asking price is 190k we are in a good position and were going to offer 185k.
How does this work with mortgage company would they take the value as 195k or 185k?
It's more about how long should we fix as if it's 195k ideal longer fixed deal. But with 185k we plan to do a bit of work which would increase the value so would fix for 2 years.
Anyone know?

fialor Sun 15-Oct-17 02:02:11

I don’t know the Scottish market but in principle you paying less than value is what your lender will like rather than paying over the odds.

If the valuation had been lower then you would have had issues with the mortgage. But overvalue is good.

Sorry I cannot say if 185 is a good offer or not. It depends on whether others are bidding too I guess.

AGrinWithoutACat Sun 15-Oct-17 02:14:32

Mortgage company will take the home report value

Ours was £175k, it had been on the market for several years had the home report redone with a value of £155k due to market change/general condition but for whatever reason the mortgage company used to original figure

We offered lower and mortgage gave us what we needed for lower offer

user1487194234 Sun 15-Oct-17 07:57:32

The HR will have to be refreshed and the value will probably come down

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