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John Lewis washing machines

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user1471546359 Fri 13-Oct-17 13:56:03

Hi, has anyone had a John Lewis branded washing machine - if so what do you think? Not sure about the idea of not buying a known ‘brand’ for something like that

EnidNextDoor Fri 13-Oct-17 13:57:43

The one I looked at on the which website had terrible reviews.

GeorgeTheHamster Fri 13-Oct-17 14:00:44

Mine has been good. They are big machines though, it is a bit deeper than my ancient dryer.

BarbarianMum Fri 13-Oct-17 14:40:02

Mine's 9 years old now. It's needed repairing once in that time and has done a lot of washing. Is showing its age now though. When it goes we'll go back to Bosch/Siemens/Miele I think.

MorrisZapp Fri 13-Oct-17 14:41:26

I absolutely love mine. The drum is so big it's like having an industrial machine!

However, if you ever find out how to KILL THE FUCKING BEEPS do let me know.

MorrisZapp Fri 13-Oct-17 14:42:14

I'm in Edinburgh so nice water. I only ever use the 20 minute cycle.

schmalex Fri 13-Oct-17 14:44:26

They're made by Electrolux, I believe. Mine has just died after about 10 years. I was pretty happy with it.

user1471546359 Fri 13-Oct-17 15:41:42

Oh no my mum’s machine constantly beeps until you go and pay it attention- not sure I could handle that!!

GeorgeTheHamster Fri 13-Oct-17 15:51:16

I have killed the beeps. I probably googled how to.

JT05 Fri 13-Oct-17 16:16:39

Our is fitted in, doing well but it’s only 18 months old.
It replaced an old AEG one and appears to be more or less identical.

ScrubbyGarden Fri 13-Oct-17 18:58:13

I have a JL washer dryer- which Best Buy. Clearly made by AEG! It's had an engineer out twice in 3 years, but JL have been really easy to deal with and no charges.
(I git the extended warranty because which told me to for a washer dryer- a washer should be less likely to break down)

PickAChew Fri 13-Oct-17 19:05:06

They're AEG. We have a JL dryer. Longer warranties as standard made it a no brainer.

Fleurchamp Fri 13-Oct-17 19:10:17

We are going into year 8 of our JL washer/drier and it is still going strong - no issues so far and we have really hard water.

But yes, the beeps....

peglady Fri 13-Oct-17 20:35:33

I have one. About 6 or 7 years old. It’s fine, wasn’t expensive and came with a long warranty. Disadvantage is that it’s deeper than previous machine and sticks out a bit. Programmes are long but can almost all be reduced by 50% with the “quick” button.

birchandrowan Fri 13-Oct-17 22:55:49

My John Lewis machine is less deep than most. That's why I bought it - it has to be in a corner and if it stuck out I wouldn't be able to open the cupboard.
I've had it seven years so far and it's been fine.

PickAChew Sat 14-Oct-17 00:29:19

Actually you've done well there, fleur. Totally stung by AEG washer drier.

user1471546359 Sun 15-Oct-17 06:20:47

Thanks everyone- good to know it’s a known brand ‘underneath’

Trethew Sun 15-Oct-17 08:10:15

Love my JL washing machine. Washes really well, especially heavily soiled outdoor wear (think farming). 20 min wash also v useful.

Negatives: The beeps. Wool/silk cycle doesn't work very well, don't think it uses enough water. Use the delicates program instead for wool and it's fine

AllToadsLeadToHome Tue 17-Oct-17 18:10:49

Find out who makes the one you are interested in because they vary a lot.
I would never buy a re-badged Indesit or Electrolux for example because I have found they are rubbish, especially the Indesit which only lasted 3 years.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Tue 17-Oct-17 18:12:23

My mum has one, loves it except for the beeps.

BananaSandwichesEveryDay Tue 17-Oct-17 19:23:01

I can't respond about JL branded easing machine, but I do have to defend Indesit. My last washer dryer was Indesit and it was 11/12 years old when it died earlier this year. It did at least one load every day and was a cracking machine. My only regret was that my insurance company replaced it with a different brand (though, tbf, this one's also doing a grand job).

buckeejit Tue 17-Oct-17 21:23:43

Ours is 8 years old pretty much exactly - 2 weeks until ds due day and I burst into tears while heavily pregnant in JL with our old machine having broke - it was so hot, I was massive and there was nowhere to sit!!

No bother with it and I know it will die soon and I don't want to go through all the research for another washing machine!

wheresmycat Wed 18-Oct-17 08:58:09

We bought their cheapest one when we moved in together about 6 years ago. It's still going very strong. We have good water here and I always use the quick version of the normal cycle. Baby on the way so I guess it'll get some more hammer over the next few years.

MiraiDevant Wed 18-Oct-17 17:13:58

Mine is 10 years old and has never had a problem. (Been moved once). I like it as it is simple. The beeps don't bother me but they drive my DS mad -- so he always switches the machine off! grin

Generally JL stuff is ok and made by the major manufacturers.

dontcallmelen Wed 18-Oct-17 18:00:21

I have JL washer/dryer it’s so much better than my previous neff one has a short wash programme, you can add in extra rinses has a really large capacity & dries much more efficiently than the old one.
Was just over five hundred pounds & came with five year guarantee would throughly recommend.

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