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Hallway, stairs and landing - paint colour ideas?

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user1479289699 Thu 12-Oct-17 09:42:57

Hi, looking for some ideas on colours for our hallway, stairs and landing. The area is window-less so pretty dark, would love to have a light colour to lighten it up but also worried about marks if it's too light.So somewhere in the middle!

We've chosen a mid-dark grey carpet for the stairs and landing, and hallway floor will be a light grey oak.

Looking for something neutral-ish, dark enough to not get dirty quickly but light enough to make it a bit brighter, that will go with the grey flooring and white woodwork. Hope I'm not asking too much smile

FYI we have Dulux polished pebble in bedrooms, love it but wanted something different for the rest. Also think it may be a bit too light for a high impact area.


Vagndidit Thu 12-Oct-17 10:00:09

We did our hall in the ever-popular Egyptian Cotton last year. I love it. We chose the Endurance type that has withstood lots of traffic (namely DS9 and his thumping about.

Titsywoo Thu 12-Oct-17 10:11:23

We have a very pale grey. We used a sheen paint as it reflects light and makes the hallway look lighter (ours also has no natural light). It's also wipe clean. I have endurance matt in other rooms and it wipes down ok but not as well.

user1479289699 Thu 12-Oct-17 10:39:04

Thanks both. Egyptian Cotton is on my list but I'm worried it will look a bit on the browner side and won't go with the grey flooring. What colour flooring do you have with yours Vagndidit?

Titsy is a sheen paint the same as eggshell/satin?

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