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Bigger Bathroom or Bigger Study (Floorplan attached)

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SorryNotSorry Sun 08-Oct-17 18:45:09

Another floor plan one, just about to apply for planning permission for our extension. All perfect until my DF suggests that we consider swapping the main bathroom with the study.

I think that a bigger study would be better as it would allow the room to hold a double bed (tightly) if we needed it to and it would make the bathroom central to the house. I did a plan on ideal standard and could get a 1700 bath, sink, toilet and a 900x1400 shower into the space of the study.

DH does not want the bathroom to be compromised for what would be a study/guest room and feels that a bigger bathroom would be better. He also doesn’t like the idea of coming up the stairs and facing a toilet. He also thinks plumbing will be easier with the two bathrooms next to each other. I am not sure if it will make that much difference since we are rebuilding the entire back of the house.

Currently no DC but “plans” for no more than 2, my family are fairly local but PILs would stay if visiting and so would friends.

Any advice or opinions? What would you do?

bluemarble Sun 08-Oct-17 23:29:54

I agree with you, it makes the most sense (and certainly from a resale perspective if that is of concern to you), to have a 4th bedroom/study that is a reasonable size. Provided what would be the bathroom is big enough for bath and separate shower then I can't see the problem.

Drainage/plumbing would be easier with both bathrooms back to back, but if you are rebuilding it all anyway it should be fine.

The floor plan looks slightly unbalanced with the bathroom being bigger than the study room given the size of the house.

What are the dimensions of the rooms?

JoJoSM2 Sun 08-Oct-17 23:31:01

First of all, I'd have a bigger ensuite. That's the bathroom that you'll mainly use and it looks tiny and awkward. That would leave less space for the 'main' bathroom which will actually be your occasional guest bathroom. As the space will be smaller, I'd install a shower over bath. Once you have little children, they'll need baths and not showers anyway.

DH is also right about the plumbing in the bathroom. To make more use of the rooms, I'd think of rejigging that area with the door to the bathroom as it's a bit awkward and seems to waste a bit of space. Perhaps it's possible to have e doors as in the picture to lose a bit of corridor and gain room space?

somewhereovertherain Mon 09-Oct-17 03:18:05

I was going to suggest adjusting the ensuite as well.

parkview094 Mon 09-Oct-17 08:46:58

I'm with bluemarble. Swap the bathroom and the study over. a 4 double bed house is must more appealing than a 3 double+1 single.
Size of the bathroom/en-suite is largely immaterial as long as you can fit in every thing you need IMHO.

5rivers7hills Mon 09-Oct-17 09:22:32

I'd rather have a bedroom you can use as a double and a smaller bathroom. All you need in a bathroom is a shower over a P bath, toilet, sink, towel rail and some storage.

SorryNotSorry Mon 09-Oct-17 22:21:29

Thanks for the views, still really undecided. So hard to make a decision without a deciding vote.

The "study" is 285x260 with a 100x100 square cut out of it and the "bathroom" is the 275x260 with an extra 100x100 square attached.

The ensuite is 110 x 280 which I think is probably big enough for us as our current shower is only 80x90 so anything bigger will feel amazing. Particularly if we can fit a big shower and bath in the family bathroom.

DH is still concerned about seeing the loo as we walk up the stairs, although that could be solved by...closing the door!

So hard to know how much space you need around bathroom fittings.

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