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Reusing curtains

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CrabappleCake Sun 08-Oct-17 09:08:35

Got a pair of lined long very dull curtains in spare room. They are a yellow cream.

What colour could I put on walls to make the less dull?

Or can you dye curtsins?

Footle Sun 08-Oct-17 09:24:21

If you know what the fabric is you may be able to dye them. Will they fit in your washing machine, even one at a time?

JoJoSM2 Sun 08-Oct-17 09:26:07

I’d put a similar colour on the wall to create a neutral backdrop. If you like bright colours, you can add them with accessories (pictures, cushions, a rug).

CrabappleCake Sun 08-Oct-17 09:33:33

I've always kind of hated them as they were against the awful peach that was on the walls when we moved in, that always made a really bright room look a bit grubby.

Might be better up against new cream paint with some accessories. Til, recently was Dss room who had no truck with accessories.

JoJoSM2 Sun 08-Oct-17 09:47:26

Why are you keeping them if you hate them hmm Just spend £50 on a new pair.

CrabappleCake Sun 08-Oct-17 09:53:58

They were v expensive.

Footle Sun 08-Oct-17 10:09:56

Charity shops are a great source of curtains.

JoJoSM2 Sun 08-Oct-17 11:12:37

How valuable are they now if you tried to sell them? I wouldn’t look at the value of something years ago. Same as I would give a 10-year-old designer bag to a charity shop if i didn’t like it rather than trying to cover up the fact it’s ugly and I hate it with my clothes.

Rosehips Sun 08-Oct-17 11:13:19

Duck egg?

CrabappleCake Sun 08-Oct-17 19:30:44

I don't think they are saleable. Duck egg could work quite well.

I think I'll keep any eye for charity shop ones...and think about ditching these in exchange.

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