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Kitchen planning- have I overlooked anything? (With diagram, naturally)

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SpearmintTea Thu 05-Oct-17 15:09:33

1 is the doorway through to the dining room. 2 is a granite topped breakfast table that I'm thinking of putting on castors so we can move it around the kitchen as needed, but it currently lives against the wall nad I imagine it would mostly be there. 3 is the door outside, 4 is the door to the utility room, etc.

The size of the fridge freezer is wrong, should be 1005, which will mean we can only have a 450 or 500 cupboard at one side. Dishwasher next to cooker, 800mm wide drawers on the opposite side. The corner units will have fixed L-shaped shelves. We need lots of storage space, so wall units over all the worktop area, except for the window of course.

SpearmintTea Thu 05-Oct-17 15:11:29

Fingers crossed the diagram loads, or I'll have to go into hiding from the MN mafia!

wowfudge Thu 05-Oct-17 15:37:29

More straightforward to have the dishwasher next to the sink for water supply and draining and close to where your crockery, etc will be stored. What's the rationale for having it next to the cooker?

Have same sized units either side of the FF - different sizes look odd.

butterfly56 Thu 05-Oct-17 16:02:18

Could swap dishwasher to other side of cooker nearer to sink.
and move cooker slightly to the right next to dishwasher so you
can put wider unit at the end for more workspace.

SpearmintTea Thu 05-Oct-17 16:49:32

wowfudge There are drains on all three sides of the u, so from that point of view the dishwasher could go anywhere. The width of the sink means if we put the dishwasher next to it we'd have to used magic corners on both sides (and I'd much prefer Ls). If we put the dishwasher on the opposite wall I don't think we could fit in wide drawers anywhere. The width of the fridge freezer only leaves around 500mm for cupboard at the side in total, and I don't think two 250mm wide cupboards would be get much use.

butterfly Thank you, I suggested that but DH wasn't keen. I shall tell him I was right and mumsnet agrees with me. grin

NotMeNoNo Thu 05-Oct-17 16:50:32

Are the corners straight or 90x90 units?
Ideally you would have crockery/cutlery drawers, then the dishwasher, then the sink, then prep area (with more drawers) then the cooker. But ideally dishwasher not in a corner, you need to be able to open any other cupboard when the dishwasher is open.

Suppose you change your 800 drawers into 600 ones, then the dishwasher, then a 900x900 corner, then sink. Then a 300 pull out, another 900 L shaped corner, then another 600 drawer stack and the cooker where it still is. Current plan has four little 300 units and only one place for drawers, I think this isn't very useful.

NotMeNoNo Thu 05-Oct-17 17:05:09

I might tweak it like this. You would lose your wide drawers but believe me two sets x 600 is more useful than one x 800 especially if you have plenty of wall units. Also this relies on stealing a few inches towards door 1, or those drawers go down to 500. You can still get a lot in them with the right fittings IME.

JoJoSM2 Thu 05-Oct-17 23:26:15

To be honest, I think I'd start all over again. For my liking, there are too many doors, not enough good storage (corner cabinets aren't great), there's no work surface near the fridge for taking stuff out and it's too far from the sink. I'd probably be looking to maybe have one French door instead of side door + a window, so that you get more usable wall length. I'd also consider knocking through to the dining room to eat in there as the breakfast bar looks like you're right by the door but staring at a wall a few inches in front of you + only one person could eat there at a time. I'd dread having to consume anything by myself with a wall in front of my nose.

PigletJohn Fri 06-Oct-17 00:29:13

have you placed the door where people rushing through the door will bump into you when you're carrying stuff out of it?

It's too far from the sink.

SpearmintTea Fri 06-Oct-17 12:37:11

The position of the doors works for us, it's more the arrangement of the u that I'm trying to get right.

If I can come up with an arrangement that gives a wider worktop to the right of the cooker, then that combined with the table gives space for putting stuff on from the fridge or freezer.

Distance from the sink - do you mean to the fridge, PigletJohn? I can't remember the last time I needed to go from the sink to the fridge, or fridge to sink.

Dishwasher opposite the cooker is definitely worth considering, thanks Notmenono, maybe with the drawers to the right of the cooker so we get a wider worktop that side.

PigletJohn Fri 06-Oct-17 12:44:08

sorry, I meant position of the fridge.

NotMeNoNo Fri 06-Oct-17 13:07:20

I would say don't crowd your cooker and sink together. (Although having said that in my present kitchen the wide prep space is the far side of the cooker and it works OK) . You have your little table to unload shopping. Or has your gas cooker got a glass top? So difficult juggling all the competing priorities.

SpearmintTea Fri 06-Oct-17 14:02:09

We unload shopping onto the dining room table, since it's closer to the front door.

I was thinking with a long worktop on the opposite wall, plus the corner and the bit to right of the cooker that would be enough work space? Plus the table on wheels which I could move across to by the cooker if needed. Or am I underestimating it? It seems a lot to me because at the moment we only have worktop space along one wall.

SpearmintTea Fri 06-Oct-17 14:14:15

We're a family of 5, so it works better for us to not have everything too close together. I think that's probably why having the sink and fridge apart works for us - so that someone using the sink isn't blocking access to the fridge or vice versa.

NotMeNoNo Fri 06-Oct-17 14:18:53

I think there's plenty of space, drinks snacks and wash-up on one side and a clear space to prepare /cook on the other.

bumpertobumper Fri 06-Oct-17 14:31:24

Where is the bin going to be?
Just asking as I forgot to factor it in when planning my kitchen.
Reiterate what others have said about putting dishwasher next to sink - v important!

MiaowTheCat Fri 06-Oct-17 15:16:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SpearmintTea Fri 06-Oct-17 16:21:39

We'd be able to rinse plates at the sink then pivot on one foot to put them in the dishwasher with it in any position except to the right of the cooker. Even then it would be just a step away.

My youngest is at college, so I would hope delusional they're old enough not to arse about with the table, but yes I was planning on castors with brakes. We don't use a table cloth, so I've escaped that delight.

This is the sort of corner cupboard I'm planning. Lots of space for big items and no moving parts to go wrong. The cupboards can be made any size, so we can have the sink centrally and don't need to infill with a little cupboard to make up the space as we would with two 900 corner cupboards. Or there's the option to join the doors so they both pull to one side.

They are mostly sometimes trained to put their plates into the dishwasher, so I'm hoping not to need much space for dirty plates told you I was delusional

The bin, I don't know. We could easily give half the kitchen to bins if we had recycling bins and something big enough for the amount of rubbish they produce. I can't decide if we want something in a drawer, or under the table, which is what we currently use.

NotMeNoNo Fri 06-Oct-17 16:32:05

Pull out bins under the sink work well. Its a little thing but get a space-saving sink waste so all the u-bend bits are pushed to the back of the unit, then you have benefit of space under the sink.

NotMeNoNo Fri 06-Oct-17 16:32:06

Pull out bins under the sink work well. Its a little thing but get a space-saving sink waste so all the u-bend bits are pushed to the back of the unit, then you have benefit of space under the sink.

NotMeNoNo Fri 06-Oct-17 16:32:36

Pull out bins under the sink work well. Its a little thing but get a space-saving sink waste so all the u-bend bits are pushed to the back of the unit, then you have benefit of space under the sink.

NotMeNoNo Fri 06-Oct-17 16:33:18

Sorry, on the train with dippy signal!

RatRolyPoly Fri 06-Oct-17 16:36:20

We have our bins in a 450 pull out unit if that helps.

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