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Wood Flooring

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Drinaballerina Wed 04-Oct-17 17:49:10

We're currently planning to built a small extension (garden room), and as part of it to replace the flooring through the dining room and kitchen. I'm leaning towards wood (tiles to cold and slippery, not a fan of vinyl) , plus we have wood worktop.

What sort of things should I be looking for?

EtCarpentry78 Thu 05-Oct-17 02:11:33

Kitchen = high frequency wear along specific paths, also damage prone, spillage and scratches..... So I recommend solid timber as it can be sanded and re-finished many, many times over.

Make sure you follow the Manufactures care and maintenance instructions to the letter, to protect yourself.

And have it fitted by a professional..... I have lifted and replaced two floors in the last month, purely because of poor fitting!

JoJoSM2 Thu 05-Oct-17 07:21:43

I am not a fan of wooden floors in rooms with direct access to the garden. Our dining room has got that set up and difficult not getting a lot of mess all over the floor.

We also have doors into the garden from the garden room and the kitchen. They are both tiled so it's stress free as any mess can be cleaned up quickly and won't cause damage to the tiles. To keep it cosy, there's underfloor heating in the kitchen and it's lovely. There's no underfloor heating in the garden room as I wasn't convinced it worked with plant pots on the floor. However, we've put down a sisal rug which makes it more cosy and adds great texture.

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