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Silk/Soft Sheen/Matte

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TuttiFruttiCutie Wed 04-Oct-17 07:11:42

Just about to paint my living room-think I’m going to go for Dulux Goose Down however my question is which finish?

I have a dog if that makes a difference ....

JoJoSM2 Wed 04-Oct-17 08:21:17

If you're worried about your dog getting walls dirty, then get sth wipeable. The fashion these days is very much for matt. However, I've used a fair bit of shinier paints and think that the finish suits my house.

RubbishMantra Thu 05-Oct-17 01:29:02

Dulux Diamond matt. Hardwearing, (because it's a vinyl paint) but is completely matt. Brilliant stuff and you can have it mixed to any colour.

CakesRUs Thu 05-Oct-17 02:33:59

Nothing shiny. Matte is my only option for walls.

flirtygirl Thu 05-Oct-17 17:10:26

Soft sheen isnt shiny but is very wipeable, I have soft sheen brilliant white on my hallway, stairs, landing and bathroom.

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