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Buying a property in redhill?

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Safaalvi Tue 03-Oct-17 02:04:11

Hi, we live in Reigate. My hubby goes to work to london bridge for which he takes a train everyday from redhill station and it takes around 30 min from home to get on a train. Therefore we were looking to move closer to the station in redhill. Does anyone lives in redhill or knows the area? How about the schools as my daughter just turned 2 an we would be interested in having a nice school in the catchment closer to the station?

nonwonderwoman Tue 03-Oct-17 09:13:18

Reigate and Redhill are next door to one another, so I'm surprised you don't know this information already?

Safaalvi Tue 03-Oct-17 09:24:04

Yes I know but the problem is we live 2 miles away from the redhill station and that adds up to the total journey, therefore we were thinking to move closer to redhill, i knew about all the schools in reigate and quite familiar with the area but redhill I only go to the town centre sometimes for shopping rest of the area we dont know much about like the roads and schools etc.

Safaalvi Tue 03-Oct-17 09:25:55

so I was thinking if someone actually lives in Redhill and give me some info about the areas to avoid and schools that have a good reputation. The house we were looking to buy is closer to Lime Tree School, if anyone knows about that school.

Ridingthegravytrain Tue 03-Oct-17 10:10:00

St. John's area is nice and catchment for dovers green I think

JoJoSM2 Tue 03-Oct-17 10:14:45

I don't know the area or the schools. However, it might be worth reading their Ofsted report and looking at attainment data. That will give you a fuller picture than just going on one or two people's perceptions of her place. Here's a link to their report.

Safaalvi Tue 03-Oct-17 10:24:52

Yes I just did, thanks everyone smile

nonwonderwoman Tue 03-Oct-17 12:12:36

I find the Reigate and Redhill mums' facebook group a really handy source of info about schools - might be worth putting a post on there about personal impressions of schools.

Pixiedust1973 Sat 07-Oct-17 00:43:14

Have you considered staying in Reigate & your husband riding a pushbike to Redhill station in the morning? Problem solved! I currently live in Reigate & am moving out to Salfords for a bigger house now I don't need to be in school/college catchments. I had one child go to secondary school in Reigate & the other in Redhill & can't fault either school, but of course Reigate is the one people fight to get into. Primary schools are much of a muchness!

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