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Best online estate agent?

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Hauntedhouse2017 Thu 28-Sep-17 12:22:26

I have been on with a high street agent for 2 months and am underwealmed to say the least. I really feel I could do a better job. So I have given them their notice period an am going to take the property off the market until the new year. I will then sign up to an online estate agent so I can control viewings, listing etc. The question is who to choose?? Please can I hear your stories and experiences to help me make an informed choice. X

JoJoSM2 Thu 28-Sep-17 14:13:46

We've used Property Eagle on several occasions and were happy. The photos were great, the did floor plans and advertised on all the major websites. They managed all viewing well and were easy to get hold of etc. Overall, a really nice professional service.

I did the viewings myself and I think I did a good job knowing the properties and the area well so they all sold immediately.

Hauntedhouse2017 Thu 28-Sep-17 14:29:46

Thank you Jojo. I hadn't even heard of Property Eagle, I will check them out.

hlr1987 Thu 05-Oct-17 09:04:11

There are positives and negatives for both- we used Emoov and it was fantastic for booking viewings, the photos were great, and the speed you can reply to things (if you're good with a smart phone) is really handy. BUT... Not so good further down the line at chasing up on the sale- I'm comparing them to the family firm used by our vendors who ring up everyone in the chain to find out what's going on. Not sure whether Emoov are too busy to ring around without prompting, whether the out of office hours they work makes it harder to contact other agents to track progress or whether having already been paid makes them less eager to complete the sale...
Ours "sold" quickly but has taken forever to get near completion.

Hauntedhouse2017 Thu 05-Oct-17 09:21:33

Hlr - thanks for the information.
As you have had direct contact with your buyer, are you not in a position to chase them yourself or your solicitor? I have never sold before and bought as a ftb from my landlord so I do not understand the after sales process or what happens in a chain.

JoJoSM2 Thu 05-Oct-17 11:33:37

There's often a lot of chasing and updating involved. You can do it directly but some people feel awkward about it and prefer the agent to do it for them. We preferred direct contact although on one of the sales Property Eagle did participate in chasing as no complaints.

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