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Recommend me a budget woodburner!

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EvelynWardrobe Tue 26-Sep-17 16:28:14

I'm looking for something plain as it's for a modern house, I don't want anything too twirly and olde worlde.

5kw will be big enough according to the calculators.

tentative3 Tue 26-Sep-17 16:54:32

Charnwood country 4. We have had one in this house for nearly 4 years and it's been great. We were stove shopping on Sat as we're moving house and it was substantially cheaper than some of the others we looked at.

thethoughtfox Tue 26-Sep-17 16:59:45

HWAM Wiking Mini 2. Very simple and reasonably priced. I was just stove shopping too! HWAM have loads of modern style ones but most other are ££

thethoughtfox Tue 26-Sep-17 17:00:17

Tentative 3, we were considering the Charnwood C7

PigletJohn Tue 26-Sep-17 17:08:48

you say woodburner, but usually a multifuel is better.

SuseB Tue 26-Sep-17 17:12:23

We have a Saltfire ST1 Vision, biggest glass we could find for the price. It is brilliant. Got it on the back of reviews on Stove Fitters Warehouse. Paid under £500 for it. Had it a year, very pleased so far.

tentative3 Tue 26-Sep-17 18:23:17

Yes, we have a multifuel rather than just wood. I'm not familiar with any of the other Charnwoods, but ours has been a brilliant little stove.

Have you been out to look at any? We saw quite a few others that we liked as stoves but don't think they will work in our new house (also modern, but not ultra modern). We saw a few that we thought looked almost gas-fire like, and a few that are too country.

IrritatedUser1960 Tue 26-Sep-17 18:27:33

Save up for a proper woodburner, I bought a budget one from machine mart and it was shit.

SoPassRemarkable Tue 26-Sep-17 18:28:50

I have a Charnwood, think it's a c2. Love it.

beachcomber243 Tue 26-Sep-17 18:31:46

I have had a Clearview Pioneer for 6 years and it's been great.

MrsBossyPants Tue 26-Sep-17 19:00:05

Charnwood stoves are great. We found that the stoves are a great price but having them fitted is the expensive bit, especially in a two-storey house with an external flue.

EvelynWardrobe Tue 26-Sep-17 19:08:17

Thanks! I want wood rather than multi fuel as we only plan to burn wood, and I read that the maintenance is lower if it's wood only. Something to do with not having to clean out the ashes, if I remember correctly, which I probably don't. grin

I did like the look of the glass fronted TV type, but they're so expensive, plus I'm a bit worried about the chimney breast plaster, don't you need special heat proof plaster for those?

I'd seen good reviews for both Charnwood and Saltfire online, so I'll certainly investigate those further.

SwedishEdith Tue 26-Sep-17 20:11:38

Morso 04 stove. I don't know what you mean by budget though.

DOLLYDAYDREAMER Tue 26-Sep-17 20:15:19

We have a westfire uniq. Its fairly modern looking. Bought it online and had local hetas fitter install it. we only burn wood. have had it about 8 years with no problems.

BeanoNoir Tue 26-Sep-17 20:15:51

I have this carron stove and love it. It comes in black too.

BeanoNoir Tue 26-Sep-17 20:17:46

If you're getting it fitted ask your fitter if he can get it discounted for you. Ours was able to get some sort of trade price for ours

BeanoNoir Tue 26-Sep-17 20:20:11

Shit, he or she, I meant he or she. It's just because my fitter was a man I said he. <fails at mumsnet and being a feminist>

RhuBarbarella Tue 26-Sep-17 20:25:09

I've got the Saltfire too, I guess the same as SuseB. It looks very nice and it works very well, very efficient! I love it.

SoPassRemarkable Tue 26-Sep-17 20:25:46

Mine is a multi fuel mainly because I liked the design more. I was really only intending to burn wood. But I now like the option for solid fuel. I use logs in the evenings during the week. But if I light the fire earlier on in the day at a weekend I use solid fuel because it will burn for longer and is more economical than having to keep bunging logs on all day.

woofsaysthecat Tue 26-Sep-17 20:53:32

This is ours that’s being fitted on Friday, we need the chimney re-lining so it was the cheapest option.

We had ridiculous quotes of £1600-2500 but we’re having this stove and a liner fitted for £925 so the stove must be cheap.

EvelynWardrobe Tue 26-Sep-17 20:56:51

By budget I mean cheap. grin

That's definitely a bargain woof, I was expecting to pay about 2K all in.

kernowgal Wed 27-Sep-17 21:05:12

I paid £1900 all in (inc stove, liner, fitting, hearth) and have a Mendip Loxton 3, which is great. It's multifuel although I only use wood at the moment.

I'm in Cornwall and this was the cheapest of the three quotes I got.

kumquotorphysalis Wed 27-Sep-17 21:19:19

We are having a c4 fitted next week. Came recommended by the installer and a quick google confirmed this.

Apparently, above a certain power rating (5kw I think), you will also need a vent in a wall.

bouncydog Wed 27-Sep-17 22:26:53

Just had a parkray aspect 8 slimline fitted and thrilled to bits with it. Not necessarily budget but you get what you pay for.

Bluntness100 Wed 27-Sep-17 22:35:50

The chimney will need to be lined anyway, so the plaster will be fine. It has to sit within a certain size within your fireplace, and do get a hetas approved fitter as it needs to be registered for building regs or your insurance won’t be valid, plus it would be required for if you sell the house.

Logs are expensive and burn fast. Multi fuel just means you can burn either coal or wood or both. Coal is more economical. So the best way is a bed of coal then burn logs on top.

Emptying it is a two second job, pull the tray out, empty it into s bin bag, put in back in, job done,

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