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New boiler recommendations?

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AGnu Fri 22-Sep-17 18:56:15

We've been meaning to think about getting a new boiler since last October but we're completely clueless about where to even start looking. We've currently got a 15-20yo Vaillant gas combi boiler which has served us well for the last 7 years but our boiler man has been saying for a couple of years that it's getting to the point where replacing parts is going to be less cost-effective than replacing the whole thing. Last year he said we should really be thinking about replacing it soon.

What brands are good? Should we go for a big company like British Gas to install? I suppose we'll need to factor in the size of the cupboard it needs to fit into as well! What other variables do we need to consider?

Any advice appreciated!

PigletJohn Fri 22-Sep-17 19:12:00

If you need cheering up, a BG quote will have you rolling on the floor in mirth.

The gasmen seem to prefer Vaillant over Worcester-Bosch this year, Another good brand is Viessmann, but check their Approved Installer pages to see if there is one near you. My local installer retired, and the nearest one is now in the next town.

You will often find that manufacturers give a longer warranty when you use one of their approved installers.

I see you have a combi. How many bathrooms, and how many people, in your house?

AGnu Fri 22-Sep-17 19:29:08

There's currently 4, soon to be 5 people. Technically 2 bathrooms but one's in the loft conversion that we hardly ever use. We've lived here 7 years & only turned the shower on up there to check that it works! It's originally a 3 bed terrace, now with loft conversion, with a total of <counts fingers> 10 radiators.

PigletJohn Fri 22-Sep-17 20:16:31

try out the loft shower while someone turns taps on and off, flushes WC. See if you have enough flow and how temperature behaves.

Do you consider that the bath fills up fast enough and is hot enough, in winter?

If you have people who are growing up, they may want more baths and longer showers.

PigletJohn Fri 22-Sep-17 20:19:03

btw number of radiators is unlikely to be a problem. Your boiler will be sized to supply hot water, which will be more than big enough for your radiators.

If you have any rooms that are a bit cold or slow to heat up, this is a good time to fit bigger ones. As long as you have TRVs, the rooms will not overheat.

Medeci Sat 23-Sep-17 11:16:56

If you need cheering up, a BG quote will have you rolling on the floor in mirth.

No laughing from me, was expecting to get a ridiculous quote but amazed to now be seriously considering BG.
I need a combi boiler installed, which will involve a lot of work as replacing traditional gravity boiler. BG quote turned out to be similar to estimates from 3 local firms (less than one, slightly more than the other two).
A big plus for me was BG gave a fixed quote. The local firms just gave estimates and said price could go up if the job turned out to be more complicated once they started work. Also they said the job would take around 6 days or so. BG said the work would take 3 days, there'd be two engineers doing it, also a builder.
Another thing that's putting me off the locals is they all want large deposits in advance. One asked for 50% shock. I'd need to pay to get all the rubbish cleared as they weren't licensed for rubbish disposal, also extra for scaffolding.
Everything is included in the BG fixed quote. Am still pondering but very tempted by BG, esp as can also pay over 2 yrs interest free, and no deposit needed.

LightastheBreeze Sat 23-Sep-17 17:40:52

We just had our new boiler from British Gas, New Worcester Bosch, on their half price deal at the moment, quote was £2830 for fitting in upstairs room and boiler, it took one and a half days and was done with no bother at all.

It was probably a bit more expensive than a local tradesman but I have had such bother in the past with getting people round and them not turning up or it being an estimate and the price changing or it taking ages I decided to have BG fit it and was glad I did as the price was fixed and it was done quickly and tidily

PigletJohn Sat 23-Sep-17 18:28:16

I'm very pleased that you seem to have had reasonable value.

I'd also say that the big utilities are most unlikely to go bust or run off with your money, and in the event of a problem or error, they may be slow, but they'll probably sort it in the end.

Medeci Sat 23-Sep-17 18:29:47

LightastheBreeze that's good to hear because I've decided to go with BG. I had a phone call today, follow-up to the quote visit last week. Asked me whether I was happy with the quote.
I told him I'd liked what was on offer but would prefer it to cost a bit less. He then offered £500 off the quote price which was a surprise grin.

BikeRunSki Sat 23-Sep-17 18:40:19

Get a quote from BG. Feel scared, skint a d ripped off. Then get a quote from an independent Worcester Bosch or Valiant installer (we got our local WB man from their website) and feel relieved. Seriously BG quoted us £4900 for a new WB boiler suitable for a 2-3 bed house (we have a largish 3 bed modern deratched house). WB engineer installed a larger bersion of the same boiler, thermostatic valves on the radiators and a bit of pipe work for £1970.

LightastheBreeze Sat 23-Sep-17 18:45:32

That good If you got an extra £500 off, also the 3 days and the 2 engineers and builder would be a big plus for me, around 6 days could mean 7 or 8. I did find with BG it was all so easy, I guess that’s what you pay the extra for.

LightastheBreeze Sat 23-Sep-17 18:55:48

I must admit I was surprised it was under £3k and that included the power flush as well, I was expecting about £4k,

TableMirror Sat 23-Sep-17 18:58:28

Search Worcester Bosch website for an accredited installer local to you, avoid BG like the plague as others have said.

Toomanycats99 Sat 23-Sep-17 19:06:59

We had a valiant boiler installed last year when we had our loft conversion done really happy with it.

Something to be aware of is the size of your gas pipes. Ours were 25mm (I think) leaving the gas meter but arrived at the boiler as 18mm pipes.

The original plan from the builders was to install a worcester Bosch but they only suited the bigger pipes and we didn’t really fancy digging up the entire kitchen floor.
Valiant suit 18mm pipes.

Had it serviced last month by a different company and they apparently said it’s one of the best domestic boilers there is.

PigletJohn Sat 23-Sep-17 19:29:33

the pipe size is not determined by the brand of boiler, but by its power. The bigger the flames, the more gas flow it needs.

Boilers with cylinders can often have a slightly smaller gas pipe size because they do not have to immediately heat the water so fast that it can fill a bath. They can heat it in advance.

hydrangea78 Sat 23-Sep-17 19:45:53

Other half is investigating new boilers and insisting on one that is Opentherm compatible - whatever that means. It did mean that the plumber had to return the initially purchased WB boiler..

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