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Oven symbol help!

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PickledWilly Thu 14-Sep-17 17:45:04

Just got a new oven and can't work out which is the fan oven setting - the manual is not helpful as we don't have the symbol that it shows for fan oven! It's a beko, can anyone help?

Pennina Thu 14-Sep-17 17:46:50

Looks like top left to me x

milkmoustache Thu 14-Sep-17 17:47:20

The one at 11 o' clock. That is, the one with the symbol of a fan on it...!

PickledWilly Thu 14-Sep-17 17:49:09

I thought that too but the manual says this is 'fan oven and full grill'!!? That manual is missing the bottom symbol so I thought maybe it was that

blaaake Thu 14-Sep-17 17:50:19

Ours is like this. It's the top left

PickledWilly Thu 14-Sep-17 17:50:50

I thought that too but the manual says this is 'fan oven and full grill'!!? That manual is missing the bottom symbol so I thought maybe it was that. Anyone know what the one at 6 o'clock is?

dementedpixie Thu 14-Sep-17 17:53:51

Maybe the bottom left one as it's got a sort if fan symbol in it too. The other one looks like a gratin mode one

Thishatisnotmine Thu 14-Sep-17 17:54:50

Yeah, I thought the little zig zag lines are grill. So that is the fan and grill on our oven. Mystery symbols!

QuackDuckQuack Thu 14-Sep-17 17:56:52

What's the difference between bottom left (7 o'clock) and 3 o'clock?

GreenTulips Thu 14-Sep-17 17:57:11

Bottom left

Line is like the old gas ovens - with the fan symbol

Top left is the grill and fan

dementedpixie Thu 14-Sep-17 18:00:03

Think the one on the right is a defrost function

FadedRed Thu 14-Sep-17 18:09:51

Just looked at the Beko manual on line.
It's the one at seven o'clock.
The 'tray' at the bottom of the symbol means you can put a tray with some water in if you want to add steam, but you don't have to.

Sidge Thu 14-Sep-17 18:20:45

I'd say bottom left (7 o'clock) is the fan oven - the top left looks like the symbol on mine for oven with grill.

I think if you go round clockwise it's:

Light only
Defrost function
Oven and grill together

Footle Thu 14-Sep-17 18:26:53

Turn it on to different settings and see what happens. Fan will be noisy, grill will get hot at top of oven..

PickledWilly Thu 14-Sep-17 18:30:49

Thanks all! Will roll with 7 o clock!

BubblesBuddy Thu 14-Sep-17 22:34:46

The grill sign (zigzag) is fan assisted grilling. With door closed. 7 o clock for fan only. Did you choose this oven?

PickledWilly Fri 15-Sep-17 06:01:01

Yes chose it in a hurry smile

Thatsnotmycat Fri 15-Sep-17 15:52:36

I have this oven, fan oven is bottom left (7oclock), top left is combined grill and oven

blaaake Fri 15-Sep-17 17:26:50

blush it would appear I have been using my oven wrong since I got it 2 months ago!

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