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babyboyHarrison Thu 17-Aug-17 13:22:37

Hoping someone can help. We would like to get some picture rails made to match some extisting ones. How do I go about this? Any recommendations for a company in the West Midlands, I'd prefer to use local tradespeople if possible but any suggestions welcome. We have taken a small portion down so can take it somewhere for profiling.

Thank you

wowfudge Thu 17-Aug-17 13:32:50

Look at companies who supply skirting boards - they usually also do picture rails. Is the one you are hoping to match not a standard pattern? Having a profile made is expensive.

PigletJohn Thu 17-Aug-17 16:49:10

if it's a small amount, a joiner or skilled carpenter can run it using a router.

larger amounts need a spindle cutter, and most of the cost is assembling the blades for your chosen profile. I used to live in an area where thousands of houses were built in the 1880-1930 range, and the local timber merchant used occasionally to make runs of skirting, because there were always renovators working on houses that used a few standard profiles from the original build period. So it's worth asking at a local timber or joinery yard. Even in Victorian times, joinery and plasterwork was mass-produced by the mile in factories, just as it is today, but usually by a few local firms.

babyboyHarrison Thu 17-Aug-17 17:32:29

Thanks Wowfudge and PigletJohn. Probably intend to put picture rails up in two bedroom, dining and living room so probably in the order of 70m. Ideally we wouldn't buy it all at once as we are making slow progress with decorating and two young kids but probably a large enough quantity to make it worthwhile. The local timber merchants machine is broken and we've been phoning some others with no joy so far. We wouldn't have worried about matching the profiles exactly but there are some portions still remaining where original plate shelves have been built into them so we wouldn't be able to replace the picture rail without ripping out a different original feature which would seem a shame to do. Taking the remaining bits out also makes a serious mess of the walls, some form of timber dowels and nails. We've been stripping off wallpaper and you can clearly see the pencil marks on the plaster where the original picture rail was and its clear the rooms would look so much better with them back in place so we will persevere.



Rosehips Fri 18-Aug-17 06:16:57

If you don't mind mdf I used to match some original skirting boards. The cutter was £80 which was by far the cheapest quote I got. Service was good- though I'd recommend phoning rather than emailing.

babyboyHarrison Fri 18-Aug-17 06:49:03

Thank you Rosehips. I'll look into that. The property isn't listed so don't mind mdf and might help keep the price down.

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