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New floor excitement

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wowfudge Fri 07-Jul-17 10:29:51

I know it's daft, but it's Friday after all and today is the day we finally have our kitchen floor fitted! I am excited - it's been three months since we ripped up the old flooring. Even having it look uniform with the new screed down has been better than the mish mash of floorboards, quarry tiles and old screed.

Badgertastic Fri 07-Jul-17 10:40:59

I love it when you get close to completion on a decorating or construction project. Every step forwards is so exciting. Hoping your new floor looks fabulous. Enjoy a glass of wine in celebration later smile

wowfudge Fri 07-Jul-17 11:04:58

Me too! I am sick of battling dust and we are now nearly at the finish line. We started with a structural engineer in September and it's been a bigger job than we anticipated.

twatchops Fri 07-Jul-17 11:12:06

I agree. Getting the floor down is a big milestone and massive in helping with the dust level! Enjoy!

MinniesAndMickeysNeedCounting Fri 07-Jul-17 11:19:05

Ours starts to go down in 11 days, not that I'm counting can't wait cause them the messy stuff is all over

We started last October with structural engineer and should be finished mid august

wowfudge Fri 07-Jul-17 12:23:20

Once the floor is done the kitchen plinths can be fitted and the skirtings done too; they all came off for replastering and skimming.

Crumbelina Fri 07-Jul-17 13:08:51

Ahhhh, lovely milestone! I have a rank order of special days and 'polished concrete floor day' (ok, 'days') is high up the list. smile

ShortLass Fri 07-Jul-17 14:55:23

I liked when my new floor went down.

Except now we've put down black plastic protective sheeting so it's a bit of a distant memory.

"Every step forward is so exciting"? I wish it was. Every step forward brings up another issue and it's just so tiring and frustrating. People keep telling me it'll be nice when its done. /endselfindulgentwallowing

wowfudge Fri 07-Jul-17 14:59:37

I know that feeling. Still got radiators, a fire surround and window frames to paint. At least it's working out in manageable chunks. I sanded and Osmo'd the oak worktops this week and they are so much better.

LastOneDancing Fri 07-Jul-17 15:11:09

My DH decided to do a project last weekend. It's HIS project apparently.

Consequently, I have half a floor in my hall and half the plaster on one wall (it was going to be 'exposed brick' apparently but alas, it's taken half a walk to realise it's the wrong kind of brick hmm ) and a bare light bulb.

I shall be as excited as you when it's all over & I get my floor back.

wowfudge Fri 07-Jul-17 15:19:22

Threaten to replace the boards with him under them unless he sorts it this weekend. I remember the days when the plaster was removed from the kitchen walls in a cold sweat.

wowfudge Fri 07-Jul-17 19:37:54

Floor is down! Looks great and a really neat job too.

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