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Renting or Buying

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Dollygirl2008 Wed 05-Jul-17 13:11:43

Hi All I wonder if someone can give advice on my dilemma?

After my 26 year relationship came to a head two years ago, we are now at the stage of selling the house. It has now sold, and I'm desperate to find somewhere ASAP for myself and my daughter. I am furiously looking, but there isn't much coming on the market that satisfies my criteria (to be fair, I am being fussy with areas, size, price etc, but I'm fairly justified in that!!!).

I don't want to lose our buyers so I'm considering renting, maybe for 6 months. My dilemma is, I live in (probably) the most expensive part of the country, and property prices are sky high. Although it would give me some breathing space, I just worry that property prices will continue to rise and then price me out (not to mention the logistics of having to move twice!!!)

Does anyone have any insight or expertise in these area? Thanks in advance!

HipsterHunter Wed 05-Jul-17 13:44:16

I really don't think it is worth loosing your buyer over.

Sell, go into rented for 6 months whilst you look (and are nicely attractive as chain free).

house prices are not really on the up at the moment and Brexit, the 'coalition of chaos' etc are only going to further harm the economy.

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