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Is it okay to mix sanitary ware brands in shower room?

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Maeb Tue 04-Jul-17 17:08:16

I've found a Duravit Basin/vanity unit that I like but the Duravit back to wall toilets are all fairly long and as our ensuite is tiny I'd like to save any space I can.
Laufen have a 500mm WC and Roca a 520mm but I don't really like their basin units. Is it okay to have different brands? Will anyone notice (esp. they have a long bottom hmm)?

The shower is different too!

Am I thinking too much about this? confused

NomDePlumeReloaded Tue 04-Jul-17 17:10:32

Yes, it's fine. My bathroom has a mix of brands and it makes no difference. They are all white. They are all complimentary shapes.

Oldgranny Tue 04-Jul-17 17:16:09

What on earth is a 'long bottom ???

Maeb Tue 04-Jul-17 18:10:55

Oldgranny, it's obviously a bum that needs an extra long toilet bowl for optimum cheek comfort...duh wink

Humptynumpty02 Tue 04-Jul-17 18:11:43

It would really bug me, but I have OCD.

Angeldt Tue 04-Jul-17 18:15:05

We are currently looking at this as well. We have been advised by a few designers to keep the loo and basin the same manufacturer - shower,bath not so important to match.

ophiotaurus Tue 04-Jul-17 18:15:55

I wonder why that is? Is it so they look the same?

RandomlyGenerated Tue 04-Jul-17 18:22:25

I'd suggest sitting on the loos as some are lower than others. We mixed different basins and loos and shower trays and baths to get the mix of what we wanted.

origamiwarrior Tue 04-Jul-17 18:27:52

We mixed and matched - no one would notice. We even have different screens (and chrome bits that attach to the wall) at either end of our walk-in shower enclosure (due to a supplier cock up that we just installed as we couldn't be bothered to rectify). No one has ever noticed.

Maeb Tue 04-Jul-17 18:28:34

I think it's so they (basin & WC) are not different shades of white. But they are not next to each other (adjacent to each other in a small square room with a shower in between).

I'm not sure it will be noticeable - if you're looking at one you won't see the other.

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