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babiebeany Tue 04-Jul-17 09:31:28

Its now time to help our youngest on to the property ladder and as we don't live in the UK I could do with some help in choosing areas/houses to look at when I visit next week.

I know this is a big ask, but some pointers in the right direction would be very helpful.

The needs are:

Close to train station into London, but a decent area
3 beds, double or large single (no box rooms)
Parking for 3 cars easily either on drive or road
Max price 280K

Does anyone have any suggestions on which areas to concentrate on? I really don't want to waste my time visiting houses in dodgy areas or areas where there are already known parking issues etc. Son has only recently moved there, so doesn't really have any ideas himself yet.

OldLagNewName Tue 04-Jul-17 11:36:06

Oldbrook is fine, and easy walking distance to the station like these I think you'll struggle to find no box rooms though, as most 3 beds of the period when Oldbrook was built have one much smaller bedroom. The next estate along, Fishermead, has townhouses, so you do get 3 decent sized bedrooms but it's a rougher area and also 10 minutes or so further walk from the station. Bradwell Common is probably a better bet than Fishermead. Loughton is nice but will be too expensive. Hope that helps!

babiebeany Tue 04-Jul-17 14:45:34

Thanks for that Oldlag, I will take a look at Oldbrook, Bradwell Common and Loughton.

babiebeany Tue 04-Jul-17 14:55:32

There seems to be a lot of houses for sale in Bletchley, do you have any views on that area?

OldLagNewName Tue 04-Jul-17 20:28:58

Bletchley is not at all posh but okay. It's a normal slightly rundown town, not part of the planned MK bit, which gives you pros and cons - a more normal streetscape, little shops not just big glossy chains (lots of charity shops and poundland type shops rather than artisanal independent shops though) and less car-dependent, but less green space. Some bits are rough (you probably want to avoid the Lakes Estate). The trains to London are slower than from Central MK (London Midland rather than Virgin) but I think at commuter times that may not be much of a disadvantage as a lot of peak-time trains don't stop at MK anyway - your DC would need to check likely travel times to work out whether Bletchley would be annoying. If they'd be driving to the station, I think parking is easier at Bletchley than CMK.

OldLagNewName Tue 04-Jul-17 20:43:40

Should add that Bletchley is very big and very spread out, so lots of it is not walking distance to the station.

Hippielle Wed 05-Jul-17 19:20:53

I have lived in Bletchley the whole of my life and parts of it are lovely, I think it's getting better now that the bit by the stadium is being built up with shops and restaurants- Primark, marks and spencer, odeon cinema etc
With that budget you should easily be able to find a decent house too

greatbigwho Wed 05-Jul-17 19:23:31

Oldbrook is good, but parking is a bit of a mare, getting around is like a slalom most days. Easy walk in to town and to the station as well.

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