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How do I go about getting a survey?

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Twinklyfaerieglade Sun 02-Jul-17 16:17:56

Buying a house and after owning a few houses, for the first time ever I don't need a mortgage. I do however want a comprehensive survey. How do I go about getting one and what exactly do I ask for?

Thanks in advance

FlipflopsOrWellieboots Sun 02-Jul-17 16:45:01

Look for Chartered Surveyors in your new houses area and call them up. Or ask the Estate Agent? Or check RICS members in your area?

Dadsussex Sun 02-Jul-17 17:12:30

Get three quotes - there will almost certainly be a variation in price

there was a £500 variation in surveyor fee on last place I bought

Also speak to actual surveyor before hand and explain any concerns you have too, when you instruct them direct they get instructions for you direct and are easier to communicate with

Generally once survey done you should get full report back to you within about 3 days on average I have found

specialsubject Sun 02-Jul-17 17:44:36

Ask what surveyor looks at and what he doesn't. This is to avoid a survey full of recommendations to get other surveys , although surveyors dont do electrical or gas checks.

Ensure he is local.

In addition, do your own work by checking place in various weather , at various times of day, asking about age of heating and electrics, asking about re prospective planning and so on.

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