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If you got 20 minutes in a room with your vendors 4 weeks after your sale?

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questionsandquestions Sat 01-Jul-17 11:35:08

What would you ask them?

I'll start "Why didn't you leave a note about a) bin day, b) the weird two-thermostat-one doesn't work as you'd expect boiler c) which one of the four TV connections actually goes to the satellite, d) where the stopcock is?

I'll refrain from would it have killed you to flush all the loos?

Trills Sat 01-Jul-17 11:38:43

If I still hadn't figured out where the stopcock was I would ask them.

The question I would like to ask is "can I replace the bulb on this under-cupboard light in the kitchen, or is it single-use and therefore dead?".

If I only had complaints and no actual questions, I'd rather use my 20 minutes to do something enjoyable.

YellowLawn Sat 01-Jul-17 11:41:08

I would have them clear out the junk from cellar, shed, attic.

would take much longer than 20 min...

mumsgirl1 Sat 01-Jul-17 11:45:56

The upstairs window is faulty so don't open it when you are holding your baby
The gas fire is not connected even though we lied to you that it was and we will charge you to buy it
The other buyers will likely knock on the door on the day you move in saying 'I thought we were buying this property'
We will remove ensuite shower fittings so its just a shell.
We will remove ensuite lovely bifold door also.
We will remove all posh light switches.
We will charge you for very large shed in the garden even though there isnt a hope in hell that we will be able to dismantle it and take it with us.
We were young and VERY inexperienced

questionsandquestions Sat 01-Jul-17 12:03:21

OMG taking off the shower door, that's a new one.

Do people think selling a house just brings out the worst in -some- people? I can't imagine doing some of the things we've had done to us or read about on here.

Do they do it because they feel financially screwed? I just don't get it.

Oliversmumsarmy Sat 01-Jul-17 12:06:00

Why did you cut the carpet around your sofa and chairs and beds?

Oliversmumsarmy Sat 01-Jul-17 12:08:43

Or for one place we bought several years ago which was a repossession.

Why did you run the soil pipe for the toilet through the bathroom (so you had to step over it when entering the bathroom) through the wall and put the toilet next to the bed and still shit on the carpet

Coloursthatweremyjoy Sat 01-Jul-17 12:11:25

Why, when you closed up the arch in the living room, did you leave two redundant light switches there?

Why did you leave me eleventymillion 60 watt light bulbs in the cupboard?

Why did you think that 60 watt light bulbs in every single light fitting was cost effective?

Why didn't you take all your random bits and bobs with you? I didn't need your scummy toilet mat.

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Sat 01-Jul-17 12:14:31

Can I have £300 please as that's what it cost me to get the live electrical wiring you left dangling in the bathroom sorted out?

Also, why did you need to dig up most of the garden shrubs if you were going into rental? hmm

MissDuke Sat 01-Jul-17 12:52:35

I would tell them how much we bloody love this house!

Yes the mouldy bread in the cupboard and the shit marks in the toilet were unpleasant to sort, but very much worth it for this beautiful house smile Hope we still feel this way in a years time of course grin

Okite Sat 01-Jul-17 12:57:55

We have had contact with our vendors after the sale a couple of times. We told them how much we loved the house, how very happy we are to live here and how kind they were to leave a gift for each of our children in the bedrooms that they had chosen.

dun1urkin Sat 01-Jul-17 13:02:03

Why did you never clean the oven, washing machine or any of the chandeliers?
Why didn't you have any smoke alarms? You have a baby FFS!
The wood burner was illegal, by the way, the chimney sweep was so horrified that he made a video. You'd been using a dangerously installed stove in a house with no smoke alarms. You fucking idiots.
Oh, and I'm fed up of your post. A redirect would have been good.

RatOnnaStick Sat 01-Jul-17 13:03:02

What the fuck is going on with the black sack in the loft containing a bloodstained donkey jacket, a homemade machete and a cosh?

Maybe not...

wowfudge Sat 01-Jul-17 14:48:15

I'd ask them to organise a skip and a van for the huge amount of furniture and nick backs they left. Oh and I've give them pliers to pull out the thousands of picture hooks and tacks stuck in every wall.

Crusoe Sat 01-Jul-17 14:55:56

I would ask how they could knowingly sell us the house when the central heating didn't work.
Why the hell they thought we wanted their filthy tea bag tin (was it supposed to compensate for the lack of heating) and finally how on earth had they been so lazy and done so little to the house over such a long period of time.

yomellamoHelly Sat 01-Jul-17 15:11:06

Previous house I'd ask about the gas fire which wasn't correctly fitted. He'd left us with a carbon monoxide detector, so must have known. Was also just leaning against the wall hidden by a wooden mantlepiece which was held in place by 1 tiny screw. Also about his cats. The house smelt really strange when we moved in (hadn't noticed anything when looking around). Was only when all the carpets had been ripped out and the floors bleached that the smell disappeared. Nice!
Current house would be the dodgy electrics (so many things kept blowing - we' discovered he must have done it himself), dodgy plumbing (and ensuing damp issues once we were using it), dodgy heating system (bought in the summer), useless boiler (which kept breaking down and was far too small for the size of house) and best of all the waterfall from the flat roof the first time it rained. (The paint job was immaculate so they obviously hid it.) So much for getting a full survey. She knew we had 3 small dc and was delighted to be selling to a young family!

scissormister Sat 01-Jul-17 23:01:39

Aw, our vendors were lovely smile in fact we probably will eventually have them round for tea when house is a bit less of a tip.

LooksLikeImStuckHere Sat 01-Jul-17 23:10:58

I'd ask them who the fuck thought it was a good idea to spray expanding foam between the roof rafters. Cost us 13k to put right.

Right after I ask how they came back from the dead wink

wobblywonderwoman Sat 01-Jul-17 23:12:58

Why did you leave virtually naked photos of yourself on tour wedding night.. Do you want them back ?

SofaToad Sat 01-Jul-17 23:30:15

Why are there locks on all the internal doors and no keys?
Why are there no window keys?
Why didn't you tell us the bedroom window was locked and even when we bought a key we wouldn't be able to open or close it because it was broken?
Why didn't you tell us the neighbours gutter leaked on to the side wall and made it damp?
Why did you leave all the builders waste stuffed down the side of the house?
Why didn't you kill the cowboy builders you used to add the loft extension and the back extension?
Why is there no light over the stairs when your bodgers electricions did the dodgy wiring and why does the second bedroom light switch arc regardless of how many times we get it fixed?
Why did you turn off the water supply so that we didn't find out about the broken cistern in the ensuite until the water flowed down the outside wall non-stop and froze into a huge icicle because the boiler was also knackered.
Why does being a lawyer make you exempt from being an honest and decent human being?

loveka Sun 02-Jul-17 18:49:26

Why did you lie and say there was no reason we couldn't have an open fire, that you just chose not to, when you had paid a builder to pour cement down the chimney only 6 months before? The same builder who we had to pay 8k to put it right?

Why did you say, verbally and in writing, that there had been no problems with neighbours when you had taken an ASBO out against them?

caoraich Sun 02-Jul-17 18:57:49

What is in the still plugged in chest freezer in the basement?

When we viewed the house it was obscured by your crap so we only realised it was there after moving in. I accidentally turned it off because I didn't realise that was where the mystery plug in the hall upstairs led to and I wanted to Hoover.

I've been too afraid to open it and it's been a year...

Deploycharitygoats Sun 02-Jul-17 18:58:12

Where are the light fittings? Why have you left us the plastic rods for the blinds, but taken the fabric?

And in current (rental) property: why does nothing work? stifles sob

Deploycharitygoats Sun 02-Jul-17 18:59:26

Though actually, I've seen photos of the light fittings, and they were fucking hideous. But you were supposed to leave them.

endofthelinefinally Sun 02-Jul-17 18:59:40

Why didnt you tell us the boiler was broken?
No heating or hot water in the middle of winter was not fun.
Why on earth didnt you connect the downstairs loo to the waste pipe? No wonder the back wall was damp.
You were very wealthy people moving upmarket. You could have bought a couple of washers for the taps.
And you charged us for a carpet we didnt want that you had no intention of taking with you. We were homeless and desperate.

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