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Exchanged! Help me get organised...

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HighlyCompetentExWife Fri 30-Jun-17 08:22:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SnowBallsAreHere Fri 30-Jun-17 08:23:29

Start with the insurance, as you should insure your home from exchange.

HighlyCompetentExWife Fri 30-Jun-17 08:32:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

purpleshortcake Fri 30-Jun-17 08:34:43

Don't forget to organise mail forwarding from the post office..and change your address with bank, school, on payslips etc

purpleshortcake Fri 30-Jun-17 08:36:02

Need to change in driving licence too I think...

welshweasel Fri 30-Jun-17 08:37:00

You can't insure your home from exchange, you don't own it or live there!

Council tax you'll sort when you move in, ditto utilities. Just make sure you take meter readings on the day you move. You can obviously change suppliers once you're in but I usually go with what the previous owners used to begin with as it's easier. Ditto phone and broadband, it can take up to a month round here to get connected so may be worth asking if you can take over an existing line if having internet is important to you. The comparison websites are great for seeing which broadband companies can supply your property and looking at deals.

Squirrelonwheels Fri 30-Jun-17 08:40:15

Welshweasel you do actually have to insure the building from exchange (not contents obviously) - it seemed strange to me too but our solicitor confirmed it!

HighlyCompetentExWife Fri 30-Jun-17 08:49:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

welshweasel Fri 30-Jun-17 08:49:14

Squirrel apologies you are absolutely correct, the last two places we bought were new builds so obviously that didn't apply, but I remember doing it for the one before now. It was a palaver to add on the contents subsequently!

HighlyCompetentExWife Fri 30-Jun-17 08:52:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HighlyCompetentExWife Fri 30-Jun-17 08:59:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HighlyCompetentExWife Fri 30-Jun-17 09:00:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

specialsubject Fri 30-Jun-17 09:52:18

Lots of wrong advice.

You are now committed to buying the new home even if it burns to the ground (hope not!). You need buildings and basic contents on it right now. You still insure your current home until completion. A half competent solicitor should have told you this. Insurance companies are well used to this.

Set up post redirect to start from the day of completion and continue for six months at least. This needs five days notice. After move, change all addresses.

Organise phone and broadband which needs two weeks notice.

Tell car insurers of move date.
Arrange removals.

On move date, take meter readings at both properties, then close old accounts and set up new ones. After that you can switch suppliers.

Change driving licence and car reg details asap after move date. Ditto council re council tax.

Only then do you think about sofa covers...

Good luck.

HighlyCompetentExWife Fri 30-Jun-17 10:52:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ruhrpott Fri 30-Jun-17 11:01:16

I would read meters even on a new build. The builders have used gas and electric while building so they have to pay for that. They won't be at zero.

Ruhrpott Fri 30-Jun-17 11:02:49

And snagging is very important in a new build. Some things you only have a few days to complain about (things like chips in bath) and most things two years.

Ruhrpott Fri 30-Jun-17 11:06:03

I think for gas and electric you will already have a supplier that the builder has. You will probably need to know who that is to change. Matin Lewis website is good to compare gas and electric.

ShotsFired Fri 30-Jun-17 11:06:06

- For the mail fwding, do the longest time possible - a year I think. That should (a) cover everything that only comes once a year and (b) is one less thing to worry about while you get settled.

- Also leave some stickers up at the old place, printed with your new address for anything that slips through the net.

- Similarly, draw up standard form letters with gaps for any account numbers and references and print a stack out. Any time you get a redirected letter, THERE AND THEN fill in one of the templates and mail it off., noting on the received letter that you have done so.

- Take photos of the meter reads.

- If you have the funds/flexibility, furnish cheaply/second hand and then bit by bit replace it as you come across the items you want long term. Otherwise you feel compelled to buy anything remotely suitable just because you need a sofa, wardrobe etc.

- Most DIY and many homewares shops offer "new home" discounts if you take in relevant paperwork.

(All from the voice of experience!)

Good luck and congratulations!

Ruhrpott Fri 30-Jun-17 11:10:06

Dunhelm Mill is good for cheap curtains and if your not handy with a drill (though not that difficult and you tube is a good place to learn) try and get some of the builders to put up the curtain rails for you. Also our new build had no towel rails, loo till holders, mirrors etc etc. You'll need lamp shades too.

HighlyCompetentExWife Fri 30-Jun-17 11:15:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HighlyCompetentExWife Fri 30-Jun-17 11:16:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HighlyCompetentExWife Fri 30-Jun-17 11:35:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HighlyCompetentExWife Fri 30-Jun-17 11:35:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ruhrpott Fri 30-Jun-17 11:39:23

When we moved in our new build they did a hand over walk round with us. They noted down the meter readings then I think. Also watch out for scratches on windows and complain about them then so they can't say you did them (voice of experience here!)

HighlyCompetentExWife Fri 30-Jun-17 11:56:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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