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Leaky bath mixer

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PunkRockBunny Wed 28-Jun-17 19:16:08

I managed to change the washers behind the hot & cold, they didn't look in bad condition but I changed them anyway. The spout still drips. What next?

PigletJohn Wed 28-Jun-17 23:41:56

looks to me like you have hard water and/or the tap is very old.

you could try grinding the valve seats.

How long had it been dripping for, and have people been trying to screw the valves shut with great force?

How do feel about a new mixer? Must it be the same style?

PigletJohn Wed 28-Jun-17 23:45:30

have you got a hot-water cylinder? What colour?

PickAChew Wed 28-Jun-17 23:49:27

Well done on having one last so long. We're on our 4th in 14 years! The ultimate was the B&Q one which completely failed within 6 months. Thankfully, someone had given us that one as surplus to requirements. A cheapo makro one had outlasted it tenfold.

The problem we've found is being able to deviate from that style and still be able to store the head at tap height so it's handy for hair washing, rinsing kids in the bath, etc. None of the more "modern" styles seem to have that.

PigletJohn Thu 29-Jun-17 01:09:24

the hose has a standard connector so you can fit pretty well any shower kit to any bath mixer/shower valve

Bristan 1901 is a good mixer, if you like that sort of thing. Spares are readily available but seldom needed.

PigletJohn Thu 29-Jun-17 01:12:33

cheaper from retailers.

It might be on clearance.

PigletJohn Thu 29-Jun-17 01:15:36

old stock

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