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Doors for an arch?

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DoneInn Tue 27-Jun-17 15:57:12

Our dining room has an arched entrance from the hall. We've lived here a long time and this has suited us in the past as the room is dark and this maximises natural light. However I want to change the room into a second living room and feel I want some kind of doors.
It's similar to the sort of archway you might get in a through lounge though it was built like this.
Any bright ideas? I was thinking maybe folding glass doors?

engineersthumb Tue 27-Jun-17 21:40:09

How wide is the opening? A joiner can make any shaped door you need (in fact it's in the realm of a diy job if you have the basics). A joinery can make an arched frame easily. If I were making a bow top I would probably laminate it out of multi lays around a former. It may be cheaper in mdf as it's a very regular uniform material, natural timber doesn't behave uniformly so can be more difficult without a full press.
Alternatively you could go with saloon doors or if you have the height build a plug under the arch and form a standard square frame in the opening. Hope some of that helps

DoneInn Wed 28-Jun-17 15:25:46

Thanks engineer. No DIY here I'm afraid. It's quite low (it's a barn conversion/ cottage with low ceilings. It's 1.5m wide so probably non standard.
Sounds doable by a joiner though.
Finding a joiner will be the biggest challenge.....

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