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Removal costs - hugely different quotes

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Loueytb3 Mon 26-Jun-17 21:46:12

If you've moved house recently, particularly if you are in London/SE - how much did it cost?

We are in a 4 bed detached, quite a lot of stuff. Will need 2 vans. Likely to take 3 days. But we've had quotes which are massively different.

1) Respected company, have used before £4200
2) Local company, have used before £3500
3) Company in county we are moving to (Herts) who our neighbours used recently £1400

Packing was around £500 on top for all 3 companies.

I am tempted to get a 4th quote, as I am wondering if company no 3 is a little too cheap. They are based out of London, but Herts is not cheap so we weren't expecting them to be that much cheaper.

drquin Mon 26-Jun-17 22:09:20

I'm not in the area, and not moving, so no direct experience.

So first obvious question would be - are they quoting on exactly the same basis? Even if not exactly the same, you're going to have a variation before you start.

Loueytb3 Mon 26-Jun-17 22:28:27

I think so, they have all included the costs of dismantling and reassembling 3 bunkbeds.

The one thing I do need to check is what level of
insurance is covered.

ilovevenice Mon 26-Jun-17 22:32:08

Do they all include the loft? We used two different companies when we did two moves close together - the first refused to do the loft as we only had a ladder rather than stairs (hence why we changed companies!). Would affect the price obviously.

ilovevenice Mon 26-Jun-17 22:32:33

If you have a lift obviously smile

ilovevenice Mon 26-Jun-17 22:33:01

Loft grin

TuttiFruttiCutie Mon 26-Jun-17 22:37:20

We are in 4 bed semi over 3 floors. Essex/Herts border. We are not hoarders but have too much 'stuff' to attempt moving ourselves. We have been quoted a range of £750- £1000- includes boxes and insurances, this is for 2 Luton sized vans. We have decided to pack and dismantle to save on cost. We are however only moving 2 miles down the road.

Loueytb3 Mon 26-Jun-17 22:37:26

We are getting the stuff down from the loft, so all quotes have assumed they don't need to go up there.

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